May 18, 2018

From Frankfurt to Home - Our Lufthansa Premium Economy Flight Experience

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Last December saw my family and I go on an amazing adventure to Switzerland and Germany to soak in the winter fun, and part of what made the experience end on a fittingly high note was our flight back to Singapore from Frankfurt on Lufthansa German Airlines.

If you had read my previous post on our pre-flight experience, you will know that Lufthansa makes flying so enjoyable and friendly for the kids... even before take-off! Well, it turned out that our 12.5-hour in-flight experience was just as comfortable and uneventful - which is always a good thing especially if you are travelling with kids!

On our return flight, we had the good fortune of flying in Lufthansa Premium Economy which made the monkies (okay, me too) extremely excited since it is a class that is positioned in-between business and economy.

Premium Economy seats are in a 2-4-2 configuration as opposed to the usual 3-4-3 configuration in Economy class, which essentially translates to more space! But flying Premium Economy offers many more benefits, like enjoying more refreshments including your very own water bottle at your seat.

Amenity kits which contained an eye mask, earplugs, socks, refreshment towel and toothbrush with toothpaste were already placed at the side of our seats when we boarded.

More importantly for me though, was the spaciousness of my comfortable seat. I was told that the seats in the Premium Economy class are newly designed and offer up to 50% more space altogether on all sides. Just look at that legroom!

For a person of my size, that IS saying a lot.

As for the monkies, they have other priorities when it comes to flying - whether an airline's in-flight entertainment is up to scratch.

All Premium Economy class seats enjoy a larger in-seat screen, which the monkies wasted no time in checking out all the movies and shows that Lufthansa's in-flight entertainment had to offer.

There was a nice variety of new releases, movies, TV shows and music. Ale, especially was pleased with the kids' offerings, and started on the movie Captain Underpants (yes, again!) right after take-off.

Can I just add that the monkies promptly ignored me right after I snapped this photo?

Oh, and for passengers who fly Premium Economy, they get to check in two bags each weighing up to 23 kg free of charge – twice as many as in Economy Class as well as being able to use selected Lufthansa lounges for a small fee.

After takeoff, the flight attendants brought menus and the first round of drink service. Kids onboard the flight were not left out either as the attendants brought around items for them.

The monkies received this very useful pouch which looks like the dashboard of an airplane and can be hung at the back of the seat. In fact, they have been using this at home to store their stuff!

We had two meals onboard and while the food was pretty standard fare, I give it extra marks for including a Chinese food item into the menu. Yes, it was such a joy to eat RICE again after 2 weeks in Europe. LOL.

In an effort to combat jet lag, I usually instruct the kids to sleep after their in-flight meal. But as all parents should know, things do not usually go according to plan - not when there is the allure of the in-flight entertainment to keep them occupied... meals or no meals.

Not that I am complaining though, because I took advantage of FlyNet Wi-Fi, which was priced rather affordably at 17 Euros for unlimited usage for the entire flight! Which meant that I could catch up on my social media feed, upload a few photos and get some of my blogging work done. The signal was okay overall - I didn't try streaming videos though - and I was satisfied with the service.

Much like her, I reckon.

Personally, I love the Premium Economy class on Lufthansa because it is a nice in-between option for families. Travelling on Business Class with the whole family can be a costly affair so the Premium Economy Class offers a nice compromise with a few premium perks without business class prices.

With that, our epic Europe journey ended on a wonderful note. The memories gained from those 17 days are definitely something that I will always hold dear. A special thanks to Lufthansa for putting everything together!

Lufthansa is operating daily flights to and from Frankfurt and flies to and from Munich 5 times weekly. For promotional fares, visit

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Yvonne Tan said...

Hihi ! I am flying with Lufthansa to Budapest soon! Can i enquire on the baggage dimension allowance ? Is our 28inch luggage acceptable for the airlines? I checked through their allowable dimension my luggage is 8cm extra so not sure whether are they strict with it.

Thank you for your reply!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Yvonne,

Our luggage was a 28-inch one as well. We had no issues with it when checking in.

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