Aug 10, 2018

My Joy for the past 12 Years: Happy Birthday, Ayd & here's my Letter to you

4,380 days later and it is finally here.

The day Ayd turns 12 years old.

12 years ago, he laughed his way into this world, and nothing has been the same since then. But he is no longer a little boy. He is an official pre-teen, too old for a lot of things (like child prices for flights and buffets!) but too young for many others.

But what a ride it has been. It has been such a joy, a privilege to watch him grow, and there is a piece of me that is growing with him, but yet there is a part of my heart that aches as it happens.

I suppose it is normal. That I am torn – I want him to stay small and I cannot wait to see the young man he is fast becoming.

So on his 12th birthday, I want him to know these are the things I love about him:


I love how you lead with your heart. Well, this can be both good and bad - it is good because you will likely always think of others first, but it also means you expose yourself to hurt… you make yourself vulnerable. But sometimes, being vulnerable may be a good thing too.

I love that your heart is gold... and big. You are kind. You are the first to comfort Ash when he is sad, hold Ale’s hand when she is scared, ask your Mummy if she is feeling better when she is sick. Your affection and kindness is what makes you, you and do not ever let it go away.

I love how you are trying your best to be a wonderful brother to your siblings. Especially to Ale... both of you can REALLY TALK... for more than 40 minutes non-stop! I enjoy hearing both of you banter, punctuating the atmosphere with your infectious laughter.

I love that you are always striving to be the best in whatever you do. But you can be such a perfectionist at times. While I will never ever want you to change, I do want you to know that you WILL fail sometimes. Actually, I do want you to fail occasionally. Because that is part of the learning process. You can come in second or even last but that's life... to win and lose. There is no shame in failure, only in failing to TRY.

I love how you are curious all the time. You ask Mummy and me so many questions each day but honestly, it is actually Google you are indirectly asking. LOL. But don't stop because I love it. Keep asking. Keep wondering. Keep learning.

I love you understand that hard work matters. Yes, you are smart but you won’t always be the smartest in the room. Know that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. I am confident you will always be one of the hardest workers. Together with your heart, your effort will take you far.

I am truly blessed to have you, Ayd, making my life more vibrant and colourful. And I am beyond grateful that you still hug me as you do and hold my hand.

You have been the joy in my life every single day since 10 August 2006.

I wish you another year of boundless happiness, of success, of growing friendships and learning experiences. Know that you will always be loved and cherished by Mummy, Ash, Ale, your grandparents and me. Never forget that you are loved for exactly who you are right now and for the young man you are becoming to be.

Ayd, you are a gift. And I am so proud to be your Dad.

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May Ann Doña Francisco said...

Happy Birthday! Another great year to enjoy!

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