Aug 3, 2018

Largest 5-storey Rope Playground for Kids at Changi Airport T4 (but there's a catch)

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If you are heading overseas via Changi Airport Terminal 4, my advice to you is please check-in at least TWO hours before your departure time.

All because of this newest addition.

Standing at a massive 16 metres tall and 10 metres wide, this newest playground at T4 is Changi Airport's BIGGEST playground yet.... and the good news? It is for BOTH kids and adults!

Named Chandelier, the 5-storey crimson red playground is elegantly shaped in a double helix with a weaved tapestry steel core.

Kids - and the young-at-heart - can enter the structure via the sloping climbing nets that spiral all the way to the top.

At the top (it's at a 5-storey height by the way), you can choose to enter a semi-dome rope structure just to watch the world go by.

Although I'm inclined to believe that kids cannot resist jumping and climbing up the rope structure! LOL.

Descent is via a fireman's pole in the centre of the structure that allows players to slide down at 2-metre intervals.

FUN FACT: The playground doubles up as an art sclupture too so it was decided that ropes were to be used for the structure so as to achieve the 'transparency' effect and yet inject an element of adventure, which is synonymous with travel.

So there you have it, the towering Chandelier which is made of some 10 kilometres of rope and supported by 15 tonnes of steel. Anchored to the both the ceiling and the ground, it can admit up to 50 persons at a go.


It is located in the TRANSIT AREA of Changi Airport T4. Which means you have to catch a flight out of Singapore from Terminal 4 in order to access it.

So you know what to do, don't you? *wink*

*The Chandelier opens in September 2018, and has a height requirement of 1.1 metres.

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