Aug 22, 2018

Survivor's Guide to Singapore Night Festival 2018: Top Picks that will De-LIGHT the Kids!

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Singapore Night Festival 2018 is back for its 11th edition and in fact, the light installations have already been up in their shimmering glory all around the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct since last weekend.

This weekend - actually starting from TONIGHT (23 August 2018) - will see the action go up a few notches because there will be lots of shows, street performances and parties happening all around the precinct! That's right, everything begins tonight and continues all the way to the night of Saturday (25 Aug).

And trust me when I say some of the shows are ELECTRIFYING! Literally.

So if you are planning to head down, here is the ultimate family-friendly Singapore Night Festival survivor's guide you need for this weekend!

First things first, Singapore Night Festival is essentially divided into 5 zones:







The Duel
Cathay Green (ZONE 3)
23 – 25 August 2018 | 7.45pm – 7.51pm; 9.15pm – 9.21pm; 10.30pm – 10.36pm

Quite simply, this is THE show to watch if you only have time for one show at this year's Singapore Night Festival.

Fusing jaw-dropping science with spellbinding spectacle, the Lords of Lightning harness multi million volt bolts of white-hot electricity in this explosive performance. Performing shows across the world, the Lords of Lightning’s unique magnetism has drawn thousands of people to marvel at the seemingly impossible, controlling lightning in spectacular style — by shooting bolts from their bodies in a show crackling with visceral intensity.

Witness a titanic battle fought with searing shards of lightning in The Duel, an extraordinary union of fluid human movement and the volatile power of electricity unleashed. Spell-binding.

FierS à Cheval
National Museum of Singapore to Campus Green (ZONE 1)
23 – 25 August 2018
Route 1 (Capitol Singapore): 7.45pm – 8.15pm
Route 2 (NMS – SMU School of Economics and School of Social Sciences): 9.15pm – 9.45pm
Route 3 (SMU School of Information Systems (SIS) – Queen Street): 10.30pm – 11.00pm

Experience a dream that passes by in FierS à Cheval; an ambulation of images that begin with strange characters and bizarrely-dressed science-fiction Venetians who are proud of themselves. In this symphonic universe of legends accompanied by an original musical creation, step into a magical world filled with an atmosphere of dreamlike images, and characters transforming into bright horses.

It is really pretty magical... watching the horses being inflated.

And eventually, this.

Definitely no horsing around with this act.

Kids will LOVE it!

SMU Amphitheatre (ZONE 4)
23 August 2018: 8.00pm – 8:10pm; 10:15pm – 10:25pm
24 August 2018: 7:30pm – 7:40pm, 8:40pm – 8:50pm; 10pm – 10:10pm
25 August 2018: 7:20pm – 7:30pm; 9:45pm – 9:55pm

Elements is a site specific work that seeks to redefine and reframe the spaces around us through the lens of the Elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth. The piece Six.5 will be presenting during the Singapore Night Festival will be the Water act, offering a dynamic, high-energy presentation of urban dance.

Queen Street (SAM Courtyard) (ZONE 5)
23 – 25 August 2018 | 8.00pm – 9.00pm; 10.00pm – 11.00pm

Get up close with this interactive installation, inspired by the fairground attraction of coin-activated automatons constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Come forth and insert a coin, and be enchanted as coloured bulbs light up, circus music plays, and the performers begin mimicking the robotic cyclical movements of the automatons, portraying elements of comedy, the circus, magic, storytelling, song and miming.

Be warned though - one of it can be a little creepy.

Pro-Wrestling: Arcade Edition
SMU School of Information Systems (ZONE 4)
24 & 25 August 2018 | 8.00pm – 8.30pm; 10.10pm – 10.40pm

Imagine pro wrestling, but as a live-action arcade game! Grapple MAX, the notoriously experimental Pro Wrestling Collective returns this year to challenge your preconceptions of this pugilistic art form once again, this time as a nostalgic love letter to Singapore’s arcade scene of the mid-90s. Witness simulated street-fighting action like you’ve never seen before!


Singapore Night Festival at The Peranakan Museum
(ZONE 2)
24 & 25 August 2018 | Activities from 7 to 11pm
Free admission from 6pm to 12am (including Thursday, 23 August)

Peranakan Museum celebrates art, traditions and craftsmanship! Join exclusive workshops on design and photography in Meet-the-Makers sessions, watch performances, dress up, and take home a vintage photo card. View colourful art installations, and visit its special exhibition Amek Gambar: Peranakans & Photography for free!

Night Festival at SAM
(ZONE 2)
23 August 2018: 5:00pm - 12:00am
24 & 25 August 2018: 6:00pm – 12:00am
Free Admission

Celebrate Singapore Night Festival 2018 at the Singapore Art Museum before the buildings undergo a revamp! Explore the rich architectural heritage of SAM through the façade projection, which takes you through a journey through time and space. Interact with artworks at Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time and go behind the scenes at Installation in Progress: Exhibition-Making and the Singapore Art Museum.


Aquatic Dream
National Museum Lawn (ZONE 1)
17 - 25 August 2018 | 7:30pm - 12:00am

The lawn at the National Museum of Singapore is transformed to give a glimpse of life under the sea, a dream-like space teeming with life. Be transported to the ocean depths and discover the luminescent beauty of these otherworldly undersea inhabitants. Explore the visceral celebration of water and its life-sustaining properties. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the aquatic world, and be reminded that we all play a part in protecting water, a precious resource essential to all forms of life.

Kids can make their very own mini raingarden too! In the Raingarden workshop, they will learn more about natural filtration and get to take home their own garden in a bottle, free-of-charge.

Ember Rain
Cathay Green (ZONE 3)
17 – 25 August 2018 | 7.30pm – 12.00am

Create a mesmerising downpour of sparkling embers as you pedal on a bicycle in this interactive fire sculpture. The sparks generated represent catalysts of ideation and innovation, while the tower’s lotus-shaped petals symbolise the rebirth, purity and beauty of ideas flowing through space.

Armenian Church (ZONE 2)
17-25 August 2018 | 7.30pm- 12.00am

Pulse creates a playful, tactile playground for audiences to experience the digital interpretations of the urban landscape today. Interact with colourful visualisation projections through sound and voice in this immersive experience, and explore the installation’s reflections on the influence of digital technology and media in the present day.

The Leap of Faith
Handy Road open space (outside The Cathay) (ZONE 3)
17-25 August 2018 | 7.30pm - 12.00am

Faith is taking that first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase, trusting that it will lead you to your desired destination.  Kids will love hopping, skipping and jumping across interactive floor pads that light up and change colours!

Dhoby Ghaut Green (ZONE 3)
17-25 August 2018 | 7.30pm - 12.00am

Step into Orbit for an immersive experience inspired by the solar system and the vast, unexplored space beyond. Watch as the orbiting planets of the installation surround you and lift you from reality. 3M retroreflective materials — the focus of Orbit — are found on the surface of these planets. By manipulating light, this installation challenges perceptions and interactions from each viewer.

Singapore Art Museum Façade (ZONE 5)
17-25 August 2018 | 7.30pm - 12.00am

The Singapore Art Museum takes on a new form to offer an immersive journey through time and space, tricking visual and aural senses to bring you through multi-sensory environments. This experience takes you from the infinitely big at a cosmic scale to the infinitely small at an atomic scale through relativity of speed, gravity and exploration of the prism of light. Prepare your mind for a trip beyond reality, and explore the endless possibilities time and space has to offer.


Festival Village
SMU Campus Green (ZONE 4)
23 Aug - 25 August 2018 | 6:00pm - 12.00am

Treat your taste buds to a wide selection of specially curated food and drinks at the Festival Village! Featuring Instagrammable delights from – Raclette topped goodies, mentaiko beef cubes to specially concocted drinks of every colour, there is definitely something to fuel your (instagram) feed!

More importantly though, the monkies approve of the food!


Okay, so you are ready to head down with the kids this weekend. But before you do so, here are some handy tips that will make your experience a better one.

It is always good to prep yourself by getting familiar with the area before going down. Download the festival map HERE or head to Singapore Night Festival's website to plan your itinerary for the night.

If you have limited time, stay at Zone 1 where the bulk of kid-friendly activities are. This year, Zone 3 is the place to head to if you wish to catch the Lord's of Lightning's The Duel show.

The Festival Village (Zone 4) is directly opposite National Museum, which makes it an ideal location to pick up some food and drinks. Musical performances happen regularly at the Festival Village stage, with showsbeing staged at The Pit area too.

For some air-conditioned comfort, head to Zone 2 for free admission to Open Houses at both Peranakan Museum & Singapore Philatelic Museum.

It is going to be crowded, hot and humid so be sure to dress in comfortable clothing and wear a pair of comfy shoes to prepare for the walking exercise!

For some major shows as well as entry to the Festival Village, there will be security checks before entering the areas. So if you do not want to get stuck in the long queues, head down WITHOUT a bag and you will be able to breeze through the express lane.

For sure, it will be humid so remember to let the kids drink enough water throughout the night. Beer will suffice for the adults, I reckon.


Useful Information

Singapore Night Festival 2018
Dates: 17 - 25 August 2018 | Performance nights on 23, 24, 25 Aug
Time: 7.30pm to 12 midnight
Venue: Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct
FREE Admission

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