Nov 17, 2018

SuperPark Singapore: Finally, an Indoor Adventure Playground that parents can play together with their kids!

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SuperPark is exactly what its name suggests - an amazing, purpose-built, HUGE indoor activity park with tons of activities for EVERYONE - no matter how young or old you are. It is a playground for all and quite frankly, the monkies LOVED it!

First launched in Finland in 2012, SuperPark was started by a Dad who found that he couldn't enjoy the activities at the indoor playgrounds with his daughter as they are usually built for kids. With SuperPark, it is meant for the entire family – a place where toddlers, kids, teens and adults can all have fun in one park, whether you are scaling walls, jumping on trampolines or smashing balls at one another!

And with over 13 SuperParks in Finland, it has finally come to Singapore at Suntec City!

My first impressions? It is like a gigantic adventure playground, game arena, and sports park all rolled into one for just one single ticket price. And it is awesome!


Spread over two floors, SuperPark Singapore's first level is where all the adrenaline-pumping activities are located while the second level is geared towards younger kids and toddlers. Its activities can be divided into 3 main areas:


Flying Fox
(Level 1)

Whizz away on a zipline and get to smash into a wall of foam at the very end!

Kids' Freestyle Area
(Level 1)

If you have young kids and brought them to trampoline parks, you will know the fear of bigger kids colliding into them is very real. At SuperPark Singapore, there is a dedicated area specially for younger kids and it comes complete with with trampolines, foam pit and climbing walls!

Pedal Car Track
(Level 2)

Racing around the indoor park using leg power? I think it's something kids cannot get enough of. And best of all, the pedal cars comes in both kid and adult sizes!

Sliding Mountains
(Level 2)

Great for young kids, because who can say no to slides???

Tube Slide
(Level 1)

For older kids, there is the more thrilling Tube Slide. Drag your personal tube-tyre up the hill and slide all the way back down! And repeat.

Kids' Adventure City
(Level 1)

Yes, SuperPark Singapore is so big that it even has its own indoor playground! However, when we were there, it was still undergoing final touches so we didn't get to experience it.

Kids' Gym
(Level 2)

Consisting of a mini obstacle course, climbing wall and ball pit, this is heaven for kids aged six and below.

Ninja Course
(Level 1)

Older kids can channel their Ninja Warrior at this obstacle course and clear it in the shortest time possible. I think this was one of Ale's faves!


If you have tweens and teens in the family, this is the area that will get them excited. Both Ash and Ayd collectively let out a 'Woah' when they first set their sight on all the activities available to them.

(Level 2)

Now this is entertaining chaos at its best! Split into 2 teams and try to shoot as many goals before the time is up. I guess this is the only time where kids can legitimately whack their parents with balls without getting scolded. 😂

(Level 1)

Try to score bragging rights over this robot goalkeeper!

(Level 1)

Step into the batting cage to practice your swing. And trust me when I say it is definitely not easy as it looks!

(Level 1)

An exciting digital basketball game that can be played by up to 3 people at the same time. Shoot as many hoops as you can before the timer runs out.

(Level 1)

Pinball game where you use your own feet and normal size footballs to score as many points within a time limit.

(Level 2)

It is like the bowling ball game at the arcade, but on a larger scale and with basketballs.Terribly addictive!

Street Basketball
(Level 1)

Just a pure, simple basketball match with friends.


Trampoline Platform
(Level 1)

All the trampolines one can jump... sure beats going to just a trampoline park, no?

Augmented Climbing Wall
(Level 1)

This is NOT your average indoor rock-climbing wall! This wall has integrated digital aspects with different kinds of games to increase the challenge.

Clip 'N' Climb Walls
(Level 1)

No need to wait for your kids to drive you up the wall, do it youself at these colourful walls! LOL. Do note that proper footwear has to be worn for this activity.

Or there is always the good ol' rock climbing walls.

Skate and Scoot World
(Level 1)

SuperPark's famous skate and scoot park, complete with awesome ramps, rails, and kickers... where anything goes. Hone your skills with a skateboard or scooter but remember, covered shoes have to be worn here.

Gymnastic Area
(Level 1)

For those aspiring gymnastswho cannot get enough of cartwheels, tumbles and flips!

And if you wish to take a breather from all the activities, there are always the foosball and ice hockey tables to take that family rivalry up a notch. Heh.

Or dabble in a little bit of parkour... minus the risks, digital style.

Ticket prices start from $22 for access to the park on weekdays (exlcuding public holidays and school holidays) from 6pm to 9pm. A full-day ticket costs $35 on weekdays.

As for weekends, public holidays and school holidays, there are 3 time slots to choose from or you can buy the full-day access ticket as well.

Some points to note if you are plannign a trip down with the kids:

- There is NO price difference for adults and children but children below 3 years old get free admission.
- SuperPark grip socks are always required while you are in the park. Ticket price excludes socks; SGD$3 per pair.
- Do book your tickets online in advance to ensure you enter at your preferred time slot.
- Lockers are available, free of charge.
- There are toilets located within the premise.
- There are no food and bevarage sold within the park.

Can I just say all of us in the family LOVE SuperPark Singapore? I think part of the draw is the fact there is something for every interest of every age. Whether you are a toddler, kid, teen, young adult or a parent, there is sure to be an activity that you will enjoy.

The best part is whatever activity you choose, parent and child can do it together... unlike other indoor playgrounds.

I love how SuperPark offers an opportunity for BOTH kids and parents to get active together, and we don't have to be at the mercy of Singapore's fickle weather! The only hard part? Having to drag away the kids when the time is up!

Useful Information

SuperPark Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 1, #02-477 (North Wing), Singapore 038989
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 9pm | Sat, Sun, Public and School Holidays, 9am – 9pm
Ticket Prices: From $22. Visit HERE for more information.

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Unknown said...

Hi, great post! May I know if it would it be a waste of money for toddlers? My son is 3-years-old and I can't tell if this place has enough activities for his age group. TIA.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi, thanks for your kind words. For a 3-year-old, activities will definitely be more limited but he can play most of the activities on the second floor and also go on the trampoline on the first. There is a dedicated area for toddlers to jump to their hearts' content. hope it helps!

DancingQueen said...

Hi may I know how do I settle the meal if I buy one day ticket? Can I go out for lunch and go in to the park again? Thanks in advanced

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi DancingQueen, yes I belive you can re-enter the park if you buy the one day ticket.

Ellie’s mom said...

Hi, was wondering what a 1 year old who can’t walk yet can donat the park?

Cheekiemonkies said...

If he can't walk yet, then don't think he can do a lot of activities. Perhaps only 'swimming' in the ball pit.

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