Jan 29, 2019

i Light Singapore 2019: Light Installations not to be missed at SG's Biggest Light Festival

i Light Marina Bay has always been one of my favourite Marina Bay events of the year and this year's edition will be BIGGER than before. Actually, the scale of it is so big that it has been renamed i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition!

This anchor event will kick-start the Singapore Bicentennial commemoration in 2019, and features a total of 33 (!) artworks, comprising 32 sustainable light art installations and a spectacular multimedia show. Curated to the theme “Bridges of Time”, i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition will be held from 28 January to 24 February 2019, AND IS FREE TO VISIT!

But do get your walking shoes ready because this year's light festival spans Marina Bay as well as the historical areas of Civic District, Singapore River and Raffles Terrace at Fort Canning Park.

In addition, it will feature five distinct programming hubs for festival-goers looking for a fun, engaging and unique experience as they traverse our iconic waterfront – bridging old and new Singapore along the Festival route.

The bulk of the light installations are congregated along the perimeter of Marina Bay so if you are bringing the kids, that will be a good place to start:

The Time Vortex
Location: The Helix bridge

Travel through time as The Helix bridge comes alive with a beautiful tunnel of moving lights whizzing through space.

Or to put it simply, expect this light installation to be the most instagrammable spot.

Lighthouse of Time
Location: ArtScience Museum Façade

For i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition, the façade of ArtScience Museum is transformed into a lighthouse for a new age; a gigantic light sculpture of dancing lights.

Viewers will be immersed in an atmosphere created by an abstracted dance of light and shadow, the coloured lights appear to possess mass and weight and seem to model the Museum façade by playing with the perception of space.

The Rainbow Connection
Location: Marina Bay Sands trellises

A display of solar light modules, made from upcycled cookie containers, is suspended to form a kaleidoscopic projection on the ground.

Why Green?
Location: Event Square

Through the use of 3D-printed versions of local flora, this installation provides insight into the Singaporean character. The love-to-instagram kind. 😂

Facey Thing
Location: Marina Bay waterfront promenade

Facey Thing is a fun blend of selfie culture and universal surveillance that creates hyperreal simulated images of ourselves through the art of play.

As passers-by come into range of the camera, facial tracking will identify their faces and blow them up onscreen as per spy television shows. When individuals become engaged and move closer to the screen, they can interact creatively by virtually painting with their faces.

Prospegtive Perspective
Location: Marina Bay lower boardwalk

Inspired by nation-building through the ages, an artist impression of Singapore's future skyline is created using humble clothes pegs.

The Floating Lighthouse
Location: Marina Bay lower boardwalk steps

Activate buttons to play pleasing sounds that accompany the emission of light from these quirky lighthouses.

Shadow Exposed
Location: Mist Walk (next to Red Dot Design Museum)

Shadow Exposed plays with the nature of projections being both moving images and a source of light. It invites visitors to interact with the installation using their own shadows to reveal or conceal layered images.

Sails Aloft
Location: Marina Bay waterfront promenade

Inspired by the original sampan panjang of the Orang Laut and by its later racing variations, Sails Aloft is a holographic art installation that creates a snapshot of a 19th century sailboat race in the region. Visible from both The Promontory and Mist Walk, the artwork is designed to catch the wind, just like the boat it is based on. And when it expands, it shows not just one race boat, but also some glimpses of its competitors, who are still neck and neck!

Shades of Temporality
Location: Marina Bay Link Mall entrance

Now this is one fun light installation!!! Using electronic paint rollers and custom software, people will be able to virtually "paint" videos, in real time, onto walls, creating endless combinations of moving murals in the process.

Cosmic Web
Location: Breeze Shelter

Inspired by spider webs and wormholes in space, this work creates a moment of isolation in a communal space.

Location: The Promontory @ Marina Bay

Instagram-worthy ALERT! Here lies a twisting mass of digital neon tubing which fills The Promontory @ Marina Bay with delightful colours; an abstract reflection of this multi-cultural world.

Visitors can also interact with the installation by using little joysticks to change the colours, speed and direction!

City Gazing Singapore
Location: The Lawn @ Marina Bay

Suspended over The Lawn @ Marina Bay, this work showcases the dynamic city of Singapore as if flying over it by night, with all street lights, homes and roads lit up.

Les Footballeurs
Location: Lawn next to One Marina Boulevard

Les Footballeurs captures the powerful movement of two football players; the attacker striking the ball and the goalkeeper making a save.

Head over to the Singapore River for a light, sound and water show, which is specially set up for the Singapore Bicentennial edition.

Bridges of Time
Location: Singapore River in front of Asian Civilisations Museum
Show Timings:Sundays – Thursdays: 8pm, 9pm, 10pm | Fridays & Saturdays: 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm
Show Duration: Approximately 10 minutes

Follow a universal traveller who sails through time and space to reach a mythical island in the East. Watch as a breathtaking ancient landscape glows magically on the historic Singapore River, against the contemporary city skyline. Using light, sound, projection and water, this immersive multimedia show creates a wondrous and breathtaking ancient landscape that glows magically on the historic Singapore River, against the contemporary city skyline.

Also, there are FIVE distinct hubs to visit around the festival area too:

Festival at the Fort @ i Light Singapore
Hosting the light art installations for the first time, the historic Raffles Terrace at Fort Canning Park will welcome visitors with a musical experience, as the National Parks Board presents Festival at the Fort @ i Light Singapore. Programme highlights include acoustic music acts and special piano showcases by local talents, roving performances, movie screenings and guided tours of the historic Fort Canning Hill led by fellow heritage lovers.

Eco Lawn @ i Light Singapore
In line with the sustainability focus of the light art festival, The Lawn @ Marina Bay will be transformed into Eco Lawn @ i Light Singapore, where environmental sustainability, fitness, and social good come together. Visitors can join local environmental social enterprise Terra SG to try their hands at a diverse range of upcycling workshops, or go on an ecologically-responsible shopping spree at the Sustainable Lifestyle Market. Alternatively, they can also choose to embrace a sustainable healthy lifestyle by joining the yoga and fitness activities under the beautiful City Gazing Singapore light art installation.

Camp Kilo @ i Light Singapore
Adding to the festivities, families and friends can gather at Camp Kilo @ i Light Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza to enjoy eclectic groovy beats by resident DJs, engage in warm conversations and indulge in hearty outdoor grilled food served on biodegradable food ware.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival @ i Light Singapore
For those looking for fun and thrill, Prudential Marina Bay Carnival @ i Light Singapore located at Bayfront Event Space will fit the bill with 50 thrilling rides and games from around the world, coupled with entertaining programmes and performances that are set to turn the precinct into a LED-lit, vibrant playground.

Transporta @ i Light Singapore
Visitors are invited to Transporta @ i Light Singapore at Esplanade Park to explore multi-dimensional, kaleidoscopic spaces and embark on a fantasy adventure that redefines logic and reality. This unique experience revolving around the space-time continuum of the universe is designed by a group of Singaporean multimedia designers and artists based on the Festival theme of ‘Bridges of Time’.

There are plenty of other light installations that I have not checked out yet so for the full list, this interactive map will be of great help. HAVE FUN!

Useful Information

i Light Singapore - Bicentennial Edition 2019
Dates: 28 Jan - 24 Feb 2019
Time: 7.30pm to 11pm daily, with an extension to 12mn on Fridays and Saturdays
Venue: Marina Bay Waterfront, Civic District, Fort Canning
Admission: Free
Website: www.ilightsingapore.sg

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