Apr 11, 2019

For Families: What to Do, See & Play at Jewel Changi Airport

So Jewel Changi Airport has opened.

And it is AMAZING!

Officially, it opens on 17 April 2019. But if you were lucky enough to register for free preview tickets from 11 to 16 April 2019, let me just say your journey to the east will be worth the effort... even if you stay in Jurong West.

For starters, the Jewel Changi Airport complex, with its distinctive dome-shaped facade made of glass and steel, is home to an eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind play attractions, unique shopping and dining experiences, accommodation and aviation facilities.

Well, the interior certainly looks modern and spacious but the real highlight here is the Rain Vortex and Forest Valley.

Bringing the outdoors indoors, Jewel's unique mix of lush nature and urban energy results in Singapore's largest air-conditioned indoor garden with a 40-metre world's tallest waterfall and a four-storey Forest Valley which features two walking trails!

If you are heading down with the family, here is what to expect:

Open daily: 24 hours 
Location: Heart of Forest Valley

One can take in the grandeur of the Rain Vortex, the world's tallest indoor waterfall at 40 metres high and the nucleus of Jewel. And my word, it is spectacular.

The great thing about the Rain Vortex is, because of its massive size, you can view the gushing waterfall from different vantage points... from the ground level to Level 5 where you get a bird's eye view of the towering water feature.

You can even head down to B2 to see the water cascading down, separated by a glass panel of course.

If you are there at night, do stay for the nightly Light & Sound show where the sheet of water becomes a screen on which the show is projected. Showtimes are from 8.30pm to 12.30am daily at hourly intervals.

Open daily: 24 hours 
Location: Forest Valley: Entry and exit points at every level

A lush green sanctuary, and a tranquil retreat in the core of the world's best transport hub? Yes! And you can even go on a walking trail within the complex, all in air-conditioned comfort!

The four-storey trail is divided into 2 trails - West Trail and East Trail. The West Trail includes an interactive art installation created to enhance one's visit while the East Trail allows visitors to take a leisurely hike up that leads past cascading waterfalls on the east side of Jewel.

Do allow half an hour for each trail, at a comfortable pace with ample time for photo-taking. There are several exit points and seats along the way, and it totally suitable for all ages.


Even when not within the Rain Vortex, there are just so many different varieties of vegetation all around the complex... including this highly instagrammable spot filled with bamboo plants.

Here's a fun fact - Did you know that the number of plants within Jewel is equivalent to both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay COMBINED???


There are more than 280 shops at Jewel, of which 30% are F&B outlets.

Jewel is home to the largest Nike store in Southeast Asia with other anchor tenants including Marks & Spencer, Muji, Zara, Uniqlo, Shaw Theatres with IMAX and FairPrice Finest. It will host various renowned restaurants and F&B chains from overseas, including Burger & Lobster, Shake Shack and A&W.

Some of the shops sport a duplex unit - a 2-storey shop which is something new in Singapore's retail scene.

Oh, and who can resist stepping into Pokémon Center Singapore?

The first permanent Pokémon Center in Asia outside Japan, the store is a real-life replica of the Pokémon Center featured in the gaming world. At Pokémon, you can purchase the same merchandise sold at the Pokémon Center in Japan. Original merchandise created exclusively for Pokémon will also be available. This includes plush toys, stationery, Pokémon Trading Card Games, video games and many more!

Who knows, you may bump into Pikachu too!


Besides the usual cinema halls, it will also have Singapore’s first dedicated children and family hall, alongside Singapore’s first next-generation IMAX hall, featuring IMAX with Laser. Named Dreamers, the child-friendly hall – with reduced brightness and volume, as well as soft lighting inside the halls – will screen kids and family-friendly movies throughout the year. The hall will have colourful seats and an open space at the front of the hall with bean bags for the kids!

Photo courtesy of Shaw Theatres Jewel

Don't wish to head home after all the shopping? Check yourself into the first YOTELAIR Hotel in Asia. YOTELAIR offers flexible check-in and check-out time, available 24 hours, perfect for business travellers and transit passengers on the go. YOTELAIR's cabins are affordable, comfortable and smartly-designed adaptable spaces that are functional.

For families, go for the Family Room which come with a queen bed and a bunk bed.


Throughout the sprawling complex, expect to find pockets of space which allow visitors to take a breather, as well as play spaces for kids.

Opens on 10 June 2019

Now this is where the real fun begins! Jewel's top floor is a 14,000 sqm recreational wonderland for all... but visitors have to wait till 10 June before it is open officially. BUT just for preview visitors, the Canopy Park will be open for a sneak peek from 11 to 16 April. Visitors will be able to walk through the park but the play structures will remain closed.

What is open for preview is the FOGGY BOWLS where kids can slip in among puffs of cloud and hide away in gentle bowls of mist. Kids will love the chance to play in this dreamy setting and let their imagination take flight.

One attraction that I think will appeal to my monkies is the DISCOVERY SLIDES, which is a work of art, a playground and a viewing deck all rolled into one.

Want to go all trigger-happy with your caqmera? Head to the TOPIARY WALK!

But the most anticipated attraction of all has got to be the SKY NETS (BOUNCING AND WALKING).

Experience the thrill of being almost weightless as one leaps about this giant trampoline! Stretching 250 metres long, even little ones can safely indulge in fun play.

For now though, the Rain Vortex and Forest Valley are enough to leave one breathless... and trust me when I say you will NOT be disappointed.

I will definitely be back with the monkies!

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