May 10, 2019

SG:Digital Wonderland 2019 - Your Family-friendly 1-day Itinerary to the Biggest Tech Carnival!


It's undeniable how technology has changed our lives.  More so than ever, technology features in our daily activities in one form or another. But technology is more than just checking emails on the go or letting the kids do their e-learning from home.

Nowadays, more emphasis is being placed on having skills in tech knowledge such as coding, electronics and animation. Why? Because it teaches kids other crucial skills like problem-solving and logical thinking, and encourages them to think creatively. All useful skills to have in this ever-changing world of ours.

But experiencing and learning more about technology need not be all about confusing jargon and theories. In fact, it can be made fun and most importantly, made easily accessible to kids of all ages... and parents too (so that we don't get left out)!

And there is no better place to bring the kids than SG:Digital Wonderland!

Yes, Singapore’s largest tech carnival is back. And it's even better and bigger than before! Formerly known as Tech Saturday (Upsized!), SG:Digital Wonderland is a 2-day tech carnival organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and will be held over the weekend on 18 & 19 May 2019 from 11am to 8pm daily, at Suntec City Convention Centre, Halls 404 - 406. ADMISSION IS FREE!!!

Of course, there will be plenty of exciting tech activities, new innovations, gadgets and cool tech for everyone to experience! Kids and parents can discover how to enhance their personal digital defence and interact with the latest AI powered robots, challenge your friends and family to a game of Augmented Reality dodgeball, step into a zombie infested zone and shoot some VR zombies, and even sign up for free workshops and have fun learning about coding and digital making!

Phew, sounds like a whole load of activities huh? I'm not kidding when I say that the kids will be able to spend one entire day at the tech carnival! But where does one even begin? Fret not, because I have done the homework for you - here's your 1-day itinerary at SG:Digital Wonderland so that you do not miss out the best stuff!

For starters, there are 3 zones at the event – DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE and; INNOVATE.


Enhance your knowledge on AI, discover the importance of enhancing personal digital defence; learn how to safeguard your personal data and how to Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Kind in your online digital world. Visit the Discover zone to learn more and get a chance to win attractive prizes in the sure-win lucky dip too!


Look forward to a plethora of fun and excitement from discovering the latest tech gadgets and innovations that can help improve our lives; to interacting with a multitude of Immersive Media experiences, having fun with a game of Augmented Reality dodgeball to taking part in a Drone Try-athlon challenge!


Come on down to the Innovate Zone, to attend free tech and media workshops and have fun learning about design innovation, coding and digital making. Be inspired by tech prototypes created by students and join the crowd to cheer our local and regional students innovating and participating in the Youth Innovation Awards, Code Quest and Tech for Good coding competitions!


Personally, the Experience Zone looks the most fun for me... I mean, the kids.

1. Throw power energy balls at one another at the Augmented Reality Dodgeball

We tried out the game 2 weeks back and let me say what a workout it was! Through a combination of motion sensors and smartphone, we were able to hurl powerful energy balls at one another in a 3x3 friendly competition. See us in action below... it's insanely fun!

And the best part? The non-competitive HADO Open challenge is open to ALL ages - kids, parents, friends, even grandparents! No pre-registration is required. And you may just find yourself playing alongside celebrities like The Muttons and Desmond Tan... and even winning exciting prizes!

2. Play Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) games at the Digital Media Playground
* A minimum height limit of 1.15m for VR experiences applies in this zone

• Zombie Busters

Pair up and step into a zombie-infested zone and blast the zombies in this immersive Zombie Busters game from HeadRock VR 

• Virtual Archaeology with Excavation through Time

Be an archaeologist and learn about real-life artefacts and Singapore’s history through the virtual experience Excavation through Time in VR from Immersively.

• VR Foodfight

Now, this may the only chance for family members to legitimately 'throw' food at one another! LOL.

• VR Film Screening

Sit back and relax at the VR cinema where you can immerse in 360 documentaries of your choice.  You can even download the SG:Digital Wonderland app and beat the queue by reserving your slot now!

3. Have awesome fun with Drones

• Drone Try-athlon Challenge

Take part in the Drone Tryathlon– drive a drone through a race track, sail it through waters, pilot it in the air and use a special motion gloves to control your drone! 

• Arcade Claw Game: Drone Edition

Put your piloting skills to the test! Stand a chance to grab home exciting prizes like your very own selfie drone and more at Singapore’s first Arcade Claw Game: Drone Edition! 

• Space Invaders

Experience nostalgia with a game of Space Invaders but with a twist – players will prevent the invasion of drones and blimps by shooting them down with laser tag guns. The best marksmen in the leader board challenge walk away with their very own motion control drones!

4. Play games as a family at the eSports Stadium

Pit your skills against one another in the wildly popular Mario Kart. Or put your family relationships to the ultimate test by playing Overcooked with one another! 😂

If you got more time, you can even catch the Mobile Legends Bang Bang: The Southeast Asia (SEA) Playoffs and watch the top teams from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines battle it out to determine the Champion in Southeast Asia.


It's not all fun at SG:Digital Wonderland 2019 though. Head to the Innovate Zone where kids (and adults) can sign up for free workshops. They can tinker, create and have fun learning about coding and digital media through fun and engaging workshops and activities.

There are lots of workshops to choose from - explore the art of storytelling through digital illustration and animation, learn how to create a simple internet-of-things home automation device and code a mobile app. Workshops require pre-registration however you can try your luck and walk in to see if there are any last minute available slots.


Spend the remaining day at the Discover Zone where a host of educational hands-on learning activities await.

1. Immerse in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robot World

Enter into an AI Robot world to find out how AI technologies are used in the making of AI Humanoid robots. Be greeted by Cruzr the concierge robot, enjoy a synchronised dance performance by a team of robots, and - kids will LOVE this - experience a mind blowing AR game with the latest Marvel hero bot plus you can even build, code and play with your own basic robotic creation!

2. Plot your escape from the Lab on Wheels AI Escape Room

Enter the Lab on Wheels’ AI Escape Room to learn all about AI concepts while solving a series of AI challenges. I think my monkies will love this!

3. Participate in the Lab on Wheels CSI experience

Got kids with inquisitive minds? Let them take part in the Cyber Security Investigation (CSI) experience where they can role play as interns in Critical Infrastructure Companies (e.g. Train and Water Utility company, etc) and take part in a series of challenge-based activities to help them see the potential damage that can happen when a city is under cyber-attack. Plus, learn more about how to safeguard yourself on social media.

And if the above activities are not enough, there are even MORE!

Digital Parade of Lights

Feel the digital magic in the air! Don’t miss the Digital Parade of Lights performances that will be taking place 2pm and 7pm daily.

Instagram-worthy Fun Food

With so many activities, kids will be famished I assure you. No worries though, because there are plenty of free fun bites and energy-replenishing food at the carnival - Chicken & Waffle, Pizza on Stick, Rainbow Cheese Toast, Cut Fruits, Popcorn, Candy Floss, Churros and Frozen Yoghurt.

And in keeping with the tech theme, some of the F&B offerings will be interactive as well... like a Smile Vending Machine and Popping Bobba with flavors like green tea milk with yoghurt, cranberry with strawberry and orange squash with mango. Delicious, and most definitely Instagram-worthy too!

SG:Digital Wonderland Event App

One last thing, do download the SG:Digital Wonderland event app before you head down so that you can be updated with the latest happenings at the event. More importantly, you can use it to beat the queue by booking a slot for your favourite activities in advance. 😊 What’s more? App users get to redeem a free cup of coffee made by a robotic barista!

So there you have it, whether you are young or young-at-heart, there will be interactive experiences to discover for everyone at the ultimate fun-filled family-friendly SG:Digital Wonderland 2019! Best of all, the activities are all FREE!

Useful Information

SG:Digital Wonderland 2019
Date: 18 & 19 May 2019
Time: 11am to 8pm
Venue: Suntec City Convention Centre, Hall 404 - 406
Admission is FREE!

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