Jul 3, 2019

10 Must-Eat Foods in Macau

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We visited Macao (or Macau) last August so yes, I know this post has been a long time coming... but you know how things go, I was caught up with other stuff and somehow only managed to complete this post now. Well, better late than never no?

Especially since Macau really surprised me with its selection of kid-friendly activities! You can read all about the stuff we did HERE.

Of course, one doesn't head to Macau and leave with an empty stomach. Because there is just so much food to try!!! In this post, I will be sharing all of the yummy food we ate during our 5D4N trip.

Scoot flies direct to Macau from Singapore 6 times a week. There are certain periods in the calendar year where it flies to Macau 3 times a week so be sure to check its schedule beforehand.

Scoot is all about value, and believes in letting passengers pay for what matters to them. And speaking as a father of three, I am all for it because flying for a family of five sure ain't cheap!

And because Scoot is an airline for the young, the young-at-heart and the value-seeking, travelling spontaneously to discover fresh experiences with the family certainly gets a little easier.

Well for the monkies, experiences would include sampling airline cuisine too. 🤣

For some reason, they really love airline food!

Plus, our flight did leave on time which is great because that means we get to play more!

For our accommodation, we stayed at Hotel Sintra which is conveniently located near numerous eateries, shopping districts and a walking distance to Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul’s. We got a Standard Room which came with a King-sized bed and Sofa bed for S$640 for 4 nights.

And so, on with the food!

Chan Kong Kei Roast Duck

Chan Kong Kei Roast Duck is in the business for more than 50 years and the internet told me that this is one of Macau's best roast duck. And I am happy to report that it is true! The duck is marinated in a special homemade black pepper sauce and is so flavourful and succulent.

We had the combo platter which consisted of soy sauce chicken and car siew too, and they were equally delicious.

Address: Rua Do Dr. P José Lobo 19
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

Cafe Kam Ma Lon

This is a local hole in the wall-style cafe which we stumbled on while looking for breakfast options one morning. And I was glad we did! It is a typical neighborhood cha can teng which serves traditional, cheap, and tasty food. Its menu comprises of noodle and rice dishes, pork chop buns and sandwiches. Ale had the simple egg mayo sandwich and it was just too good - the bread was super soft and the mayo was creamy!

Address: 50 Rua Da Mercadores (Senado Square)
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 6.30pm daily

Sei Kee Cafe

The cafe sells a variety of snacks but really, you should go for the pork chop bun! We tried the Tai Lei Loi Kei version (below) but our verdict is this is still the best. The pork chop is super well marinated, and crunchy on the outside while tender on the inside.

Address: G/F, Edf Cheong Son, 7-15 Patio Da Palha, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro (Senado Square)
Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm daily

Kam Wai Beef Offal

If you love beef offal - or spare parts as I like to call them - this is the only stall you should head to in Macau simply because Kam Wai Beef Offal dishes out one of the best bowls of beef offal you can ever find. There are other meat options available on the menu, including fishballs. Just point out your meats of choice, and they will be dished out in a takeaway cup, drowned in curry sauce. Yums.

Address: 14, Largo de São Domingos (Senado Square)
Opening Hours: 10am to 100pm daily

Leitaria I Son

Ah, the famous milk custard in Hong Kong... but did you know that this originated from Macau??? And this shop in Senado Square is where it all started!

Of course, we ordered the deliciously smooth and fragrant milk custard which was creamy and smooth. Not overpoweringly sweet, but just right. If you love ginger, the ginger milk custard is great too.

Address: 381 Av. de Almeida Ribeiro (Senado Square)
Opening Hours: 9.30am to 11pm daily

Lemoncello Gelato

The shop's claim to fame is being included the Michelin guide book as you can tell from the banner in the above photo. I'm no gelato connoisseur but Lemoncello's gelato was thick and creamy... and there were just so many flavours to choose from. Definitely a nice treat if you are visiting Macau in the summer!

Address: MacaoTv. do Bpo., 6-a号 (Senado Square)
Opening Hours: 11 am to 11 pm daily

Hou Keng Fan Tim

Yet another cha chan teng we stumbled onto while looking for breakfast. We had the roast duck noodle and roasted pork noodle. Both were not too bad, and worth a try if you are looking for roasted meat in Macau.

Address: 30 Tv. dos Becos (Senado Square)
Opening Hours: 8am to 9pm daily

Tai Lei Loi Kei

Tai Lei Loi Kei is probably one of the most famous cafes in Macau as it has plenty of branches everywhere. And it even has a presence in Singapore - both NEX mall and VivoCity. One of its most famous items on the menu is the pork chop bun but as I mentioned previously, it rates second best when compared to the Sei Kee Cafe one.

Oh when in Macau, be sure to try Serradura, otherwise known as sawdust pudding. The dessert is a layered combination of whipped cream and crumbled biscuit.

Address: Branches

Lord Stow Portuguese Egg Tart

Considered the KING of Portugese Egg Tarts in Macau, you cannot say you have visited Macau if you did not try the ones from Lord Stow! The tart is just too good with its buttery flaky pastry shell and rich creamy custard filling.

I bought a pack of 6 egg tarts and they were finsihed before I knew it. THEY WERE SO YUMMY... and ADDICTIVE!!!

Rue Do Cunha Food Street
Venetian Macau
1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Island, Macau (Original Shop)

Margaret's Café e Nata

This cafe was located just a street away from our hotel and I only found out that it is also a popular place to buy Portugese egg tarts one day before our return to Singapore. Just take a look at the queue - and this was BEFORE it opened... and raining!

Comapred to Lord Stow, Margaret's egg tarts had a more flaky crust and its custard filling isn't as sweet. Which is better? Tough fight because I love BOTH! 😁

Address: 17B R. do Cmte. Mata e Oliveira
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30am to 4.30pm (Closed on Wed) | Sat & Sun 10am to 6pm

With all the food consumed in our bellies, it was amazing that I did not had to pay for any excess charges for overlimit baggage on our return to Singapore via Scoot! 😂😂😂

And yes, the monkies continued to eat some more on our flight back. LOL.

And our 5D4N trip to Macau ended in the best possible way - an uneventful flight and touchdown back in Singapore. Til the next time, Scoot!

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