Aug 16, 2019

Enter Jurong Bird Park for FREE this September school holidays!

This September school holidays, Jurong Bird Park is offering FREE admission to local residents!

Jurong Bird Park - Asia’s largest bird paradise - displays 400 avian species, of which 20% are threatened and is also home to the world’s largest collection of Southeast Asian hornbills, and native and threatened songbirds such as the Strawheaded bulbul, White-rumped shama, and Greater green leafbirds.

The complimentary admission into Jurong Bird Park is open to local residents (Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and Employment Pass holders). While the park will be free to enter, there will be eight sections that will be gated and priced between $2 and $4. Coupons in sets of $10 can be purchased on site for entry to these gated areas.

There will be special activities conducted within the gated areas:

$2 per area, per pax

Indoor Penguin Coast

Meet the Baby Kings!
Get introduced to the newest members of the penguin family - Percy, Brix and Arlo. The adorable king penguins are less than a year old and are excited to meet visitors in this exclusive keeper’s talk. Happening daily at 10.30am and 3.30pm.

Wings of Asia

Wings of Asia Scatter Feeding
Join the park's Asian birds in the central walk-in aviary as they enjoy their lunch, and have the opportunity to feed various threatened species. Happening daily at 11.30am.

Lory Loft

Feed the Lovely Lories
Explore the 9-storey-high aviary that offers a 360º view of lush greenery. Buy a cup of nectar and have our friendly lorries feed right out of your hands. Happening daily from 8.30am to 6.30pm.

Waterfall Aviary

Waterfall Feeding Frenzy
Come up close and personal to an array of colourful birds as conures, parrots and peacocks flock down to feed on their favourite foods. Happening daily at 2.30pm (Extra slot at 10.30am on weekends).

Parrot Paradise

Blue Macaw Keeper Chit-chat
Say “hello!” to the park's Hyacinth macaw in this exclusive keeper chit-chat. Find out more about some of the world’s most unique parrots and how Jurong Bird Park contributes to their conservation. Happening daily at 1.30pm.

$4 per area, per pax

High Flyers Show

Marvel at the natural talents of our star birds and experience a free-flying performance featuring a grand finale of colours and excitement as one of the world’s largest number of birds take centre stage. Happening daily at 11am & 3pm, at Pools Amphitheatre.

Kings of the Skies Show

Get ready for a display of agility and sharp-eyed accuracy as nature’s best flying hunters unleash their predatory instincts in simulated hunts. Happening daily at 10am & 4pm, at Hawk Arena (Extra show at 1pm on weekends).

Birdz of Play (Water Playground)

Get ready for big splashes of fun at the bird-themed water playground! Get soaked by our giant tipping bucket and zip across the dry play zone on the Flying Fox. Opens daily from 9am to 5.30pm. *Two adults can enter Birdz of Play free with every paying child. Proper swimwear is required for guest safety in this area.

Just for comparison sake, a ticket to the park costs $25.50 for an adult and $17 for a child if you purchase it online ($30 for adults and $20 for children at the counter) so the good thing about individual gated pricing is you pay for only the attractions that your family wishes to visit.

But even though there are eight gated attractions which require paid admission, there are still plenty of other areas within Jurong Bird Park that can be accessed for FREE!

Places like the:

Flamingo Lake and Flamingo Pool
Pelican Cove
Dinosaur Descendants
Birds of Prey
Window on Paradise: Birds of Paradise
Hornbills & Toucans
Swan Lake
Breeding and Research Centre

So it is still possible to enjoy a leisurely stroll throughout Jurong Bird Park and see the birds without paying a single cent! 🤣

If you have kids who love birds and want some fun for free, Jurong Bird Park is the place to be this September School Holidays!

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