Oct 30, 2019

Happy Birthday to the most caring 9-year-old I know

It is incredible. It really is.

9 years ago on this day, Ale came into this world and immediately charmed everyone around her.

Maybe it's because she is the only granddaughter on one side of the family. Maybe it's because it is just her outgoing personality. Or maybe it is because both the wifey and I know that she is the last baby we will ever have.

And surprise surprise, she did grow up so very fast.

One day she was being swaddled and waiting to be discharged from the hospital to head home, and the next day she is already reasoning with me over her iPad usage time. 😂

But yet somehow she is 9 years old.

And some things have changed. She is taller, smarter, more talkative and independent then I could ever imagine. She knows how to make all kinds of slime, memorize the lyics of a gazillion songs, create animation music videos and - this is my favourite bit - take care of her younger cousins.

I think the fact that ALL of your younger cousins consistently look for her and want to play with her is a testament of her cheerful and caring personality.

But you know what, fathering a daughter is still a little strange for me. Because sometimes I just don’t know what to do with her. She has changed so much in such a short time, that some days I stare at her, watch her laugh, dance some silly moves about the house and just watch her do her thing - and wonder how all this incredible stuff happened.

And I also wonder how I will handle all the incredible stuff that has yet to come. Because that will be both exciting and terrifying.

You see, in another 9 years she will be 18 and that's a sobering thought.

Things will undoubtedly change.

The teenage years, secondary school, more friends and, gulp, dating. Of course, there will be plenty of ups and downs along the way, challenges to face and things to overcome. And she may not need me the way she does now.  But despite my dwindling demand, my job scope still remains.

My job is to help her get from point A to point B... whether point B is her 10th birthday or graduation prom or marriage or motherhood. And I will always be right there if she needs me.

And my princess, I don’t want to let you down.

Enjoy the ride, Ale and have a great birthday!

Love ya (even though Mummy still ranks higher than me 🤣)!

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