Oct 5, 2019

The World's First NERF Action Xperience at Marina Square will thrill kids (& parents) with unlimited shooting & high elements

Now, who hasn't heard of NERF guns? More importantly though, who hasn't played with a NERF gun before??? Because if you have shot someone with a NERF bullet before and felt immensely happy, chances are you will LOVE the brand new NERF Action Experience Arena at Marina Square!

And I'm not just talking about the kids. 😂

Located on the first floor of Marina Square - a few steps away from Carl's Jr - the NERF Action Xperience Arena is a massive18,000 square feet indoor play facility with four unique play zones that will appeal to the NERF fanatic.

The main play areas are open to kids aged 7 and above, as well as adults. For kids below 6 years old, there is a dedicated playground for them but more on that later.

Because first, let's head to the most exciting zones within the play arena.


If you have always harboured a dream to go all full-Rambo style and shoot at enemies to your heart's content, then this zone is for you. More specifically, the CAMP DUNE zone.

The COMPETE area features two zones - CAMP DUNE and ZOMBIE CITY. The former has a war zone-esque theme complete with barriers and bullets strewn across the floor.

After we went through a safety briefing, put on our safety goggles and selected our NERF guns of choice, it was time to battle!

Modelled after the classic Capture the Flag game, our mission was to capture our coloured flags placed in the middle of the room and bring them back to our safe zone.

The team with the most number of flags captured by the end of the game wins but trust me, the thrill of the game was actually firing at one another... who cares about winning??? LOL. Truth be told, if you are a parent with NERF guns at home, you will know the mental stress that one goes through whenever the kids have a NERF game - "Careful, don't shoot at the eyes!", "Don't anyhow shoot, later cannot find the bullets!", "Stop screaming, lower your voices!" and my most dreaded one, "Aiyoh, the bullets are everywhere!"

Here, I can shoot my NERF gun without any of those worries. Best of all, I don't have to pick up the bullets after play!!! 😂😂😂

But if shooting at one another isn't your kind of thing, then head to ZOMBIE CITY.

Don't worry, there are NO real zombies inside the game chamber... only zombies on screens and figurines.

Opposing teams are tasked to shoot at their own colour's zombies to collect points, and find hidden missileheads in order to obtain “vaccines” for their team.

It's relatively straight-forward and fun shooting stuff. The biggest challenge would be finding enough ammo to load your guns - a choice between the Disruptor which has an easy aim and Surgefire, which holds more foam bullets. Personally, I prefer the Surgefire.


Conquer consists of 4 play areas, with The Volcano being one of them.

The premise of The Volcano is simple: you are trapped in a volcano and have one minute to escape. How many targets can you shoot (with limited bullets) in the shortest possible time?

The thrill is definitely trying to outdo your friends by scoring the most points in the quickest time possible... and oh, jumping sideways into the air, and into a foam pit while firing at targets at the same time. Just like how those Hollywood movies do it.

The other 3 play areas are located together, in a huge towering rope obstacle course structure.

If your kids love going for aerial rope obstacle challenges, then The Summit is for them.

A two-tiered high-rope course, The Summit consists of a beginner and intermmediate levels with obstacles of varying difficulties.

Im the middle of the obstacle course lies The Cliff, which I think is self-explanatory. 😁

The final play area, if you can call it that, is The Glacier which essentially is a steep slide that offers a quick descent!

Unfortunately, the slide was closed while we were there.

One bugbear I have of the area though, is the poor layout of this zone. That's because this zone consists of THREE play areas - the rope obstacle course, the climbing wall and the slide. And there is only ONE queuing area for all of them. To compound matters, this staircase is for both entry and exit, so you can imagine the chaos during peak periods. Hopefully, they will work on improving it.


Have kids who are under 7 years old? Although they will not be able to participate in the zones mentioned above, they can head here for a supercharged and active play experience.

Besides the joy of sliding into a huge ball pit at the playground, kids can also challenge their agility skills at the mini obstacle course where they can crawl through oversized bolts and leap over tyres.

Even better, they can zoom through the car track or fly through the air at high speeds on the zip line!

I like how the younger kids can also go on a mini rope obstacle course here as well. Everything is a miniaturized version, at a much lower level so I think young kids will love to have a go at this!

For parents who are watching over their kids, there are ample seating areas around the play areas too.


This zone is all about all fun and no rules. Here, you will be handed either a white tee or tote bag and you can blast them with NERF squirt guns to create your own one-of-a-kind design!

So what is the price of NERF fun?

Do note that there is only a flat rate for admissions. There is no cheaper rate for kids.

The basic package is the Kick Off one, which is priced at $29 for Peak and $26 for Off-peak and allows 2-hour access to COMPETE and CONQUER zones.

If you wish to design your own tee or tote bag at CREATE, then go for the Massive package ($39 for Peak and $36 for Off-peak) which is a 3-hour play session for the COMPETE, CONQUER and CREATE zones.

For kids below 7 years old who can only play at the CHALLENGE zone, they can get the 2-hour play session for $22 for Peak and $19 for Off-peak which includes admission for one parent.

BUT BUT BUT if you are thinking of going for the Kick Off package at $29, this is NOT the cheapest rate! If you purchase via online, the rate is $26.10 or if you have a PAssion card, you enjoy a 15% discount ($24.65).

However, I have found an even better deal! Purchase via KLOOK and pay only $23 for the Kick Off package! You can head HERE to buy the tickets.

Overall, it's a fun place to bring the kids... especially if your kids have already outgrown the kiddy indoor playgrounds. Because seriously, who doesn't love going absolutely crazy with NERF guns, unlimited ammo and shooting at one another with a vengence... without having to worry about cleaning up? 🙋‍♀️

Useful Information

NERF Action Xperience
Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-208, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: 10am - 10 pm aaily (last entry at 7.30PM)
Admission Prices

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