Dec 31, 2019

Cheekiemonkies 15th Anniversary: One giveaway every day for Jan 2020!

HELLO 2020!

15 years ago in January, our humble blog was born together with our first child, Ash. Back then, blogs were still a relatively new medium and Cheekiemonkies actually began as a means to document the growing years of our kids.

Along the way, I have gained many faithful readers - THAT'S YOU! - and some of you have actually became friends. To be honest, I have never expected in my wildest dreams for the blog to last this long. FIFTEEN YEARS! In fact, who really still blogs this days???? 😂😂😂 It's all about photos and IG nowadays, no?

I think I must be still one of the rare ancient ones that is still keeping this blog alive... thankfully though, I think it still is relevant and resonates with my readers (I hope) because 1.5 million pageviews in Year 2019 can't be wrong! 😁

And also because our blog is only as popular as the support that you have given us all these years, what better way to mark our 15 years than to reward you in the most enormous way we can think of - by having a giveaway EVERY SINGLE DAY for the ENTIRE MONTH of January!

Yes, I pulled the exact same stunt back in 2015 to celebrate the blog's 10th anniversary and it was stupendously well-received. So why not do it again for the 15th anniversary?

So let's kick off this ULTIMATE Giveaway, shall we?

Every day from 1 to 31 January 2020, there will be one giveaway. More than 90% of the giveaways will involve a sponsor that I had previously worked with  so you can be assured of the quality of the prizes!

All of the giveaways will taking place on my Facebook page while a few selected ones will also be reposted on my IG for bonus chances. Also, each giveaway may have different mechanics of participation depending on the sponsor's preferences so do read through each individual giveaway's mechanics details carefully.

The following Terms and Conditions apply for every giveaway though:

- The giveaways are open to all residents living in Singapore, unless otherwise stated.
- All readers and fans of Cheekiemonkies are eligible to take part.
- Participants will be required to follow each individual giveaway's mechanics in order to qualify for that giveaway.
- Winners will be picked randomly.
- Each winner will only be able to win a maximum of 2 prizes for the entire month of giveaways.
- Cheekiemonkies will not liable for any damages or the condition of the prizes.
- The sponsors reserve the right to replace the prizes.
- Prize winners will be contacted via email.
- The giveaways are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Participants will be providing information to Cheekiemonkies, not to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Each giveaway will only be hosted for between 3 and 4 days so you know what that means, right? You will have to bookmark our blog! Or better yet, follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you will not miss a single giveaway. 😄

And trust me, the prizes are pretty substantial... with vouchers, tickets to attractions, annual passes, toys, and even hotel/resort stays. Yes, it's PLURAL for the latter one.



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