Aug 19, 2020

[NEW] Alkaff Crescent: 4 Nature-inspired Playgrounds spread over 3 levels at Alkaff Lakeview

The Alkaff Crescent playgrounds, located at the new Bidadari housing estate, are truly quite unique. That's because not only does it consist of FOUR different playgrounds, they are spread over THREE different floors!

Nestled within the Alkaff Lakeview HDB flats cluster, the four playgrounds are connected by an over-arching theme - of water, wetlands, mountains and clouds. And when kids move from the first playground on the ground floor to the final one on the fourth floor, it is designed to give that sense of moving upwards together with nature.

Ground floor, behind Block 118A, Alkaff Lakeview

Designed to mimic waves in the sea, the water-themed playground allows kids to start off by showing off their parkour by scurrying up a ramp.

Then, they come face to face with a long wavy trampoline that blends with the contours of the playground and creates an interesting canvas for children to run or jump on the trampoline, testing their balancing and cognitive skills.

At the end of it, they come face to face with a towering wave where they can climb or take a breather on the hanging hammocks.

The wave also come with a circular opening for access to a small slide which will bring them safely to the 'shore'.

Third floor, Block 115B, Alkaff Lakeview

Located on the third floor of Block 115B, the first thing to catch one's attention is the giant water lily structure protruding from the ground.

Modelled after the wetlands, the playground consists of giant pink petals for kids to weave in and out and perhaps, to enjoy a game of hide-n-seek or catching.

Other elements like green stems with steps and ropes provide a 'ninja-warrior'-like experience for the kids.

A small slide and trampoline completes the playground set-up.

Overall, this playground is more suited for younger kids aged 6 and below as the play structures are less challenging. In addition, the playground is fenced up with only one entry/exit point so this lessens the risk of younger kids wandering away from the playgrounf on their own.

Fourth floor, Rooftop Garden, Alkaff Lakeview

After playing among the waves and wetlands on the ground, it's time to scale upwards... and that's where mountains come in.

Located at the roof garden on Level 4, the mountain-themed playground provides a different play experience from the two playgrounds at the lower levels. 

Besides having a hilly terrain for kids to climb and run around, kids can go crazy on the spinning disks and big trampoline.

Kids can also attempt to scale a 'mountain' with the aid of climbing ropes and zip down a mountain slide immediately after!

Younger kids can even crawl through a tube maze. I don't recommend parents to attempt that though, unless you want to get stuck. 😂

Fourth floor, Rooftop Garden, Alkaff Lakeview

Located just a few steps away from the Mountains Playground, the cloud-themed playground is designed to correspond to the different layers of nature in our environment. And nothing can get as whimsical as the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of clouds.

Here, the main play structure comes in the shape of a giant cloud, with seat pods, crawl-through tunnels as well as hemispherical silver bowls where kids can sit inside and spin giddily round and round.

Ample benches and seating area are provided for both playgrounds at the rooftop garden so parents are able to chill while the kids run amok.

The closest block of flats to the rooftop playgrounds is Block 115C so just take the lift up tothe fourth level and search for the walkway that leads to the rooftop garden.

If you have some time to kill after the kids are done with the four playgrounds, you may wish to stroll through the garden.

It's pretty well landscaped, with plenty of bright open spaces too.


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Alkaff Lakeview Playgrounds
Address: Alkaff Crescent, Singapore 341118

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