Nov 17, 2020

Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS Khatib is one Giant Indoor Playground with SG's Tallest 14m Slide, 2-tier High Elements & Ninja Warrior Course!

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Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS Khatib is the newest indoor playground in Singapore but hang on, this is NOT for young kids. In fact, teens and adults will be jumping and screaming for joy here... because it is one heck of an adrenaline rush!

Because if you have kids who are in the same age group as mine - tweens and teens - then you will know that indoor playgrounds don't really cut it for them anymore. So when I told them that we were heading to a totally different indoor playground - one where they get to climb, scamper over ninja courses and even go down a 14m (!!!) slide - their eys lit up immediately.

Spanning a massive 2,800 square metres across four storeys, Adventure HQ is Singapore’s largest multi installation indoor hub complete with TEN installations that cater to thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies of all levels.

The totally-sheltered Adventure HQ truly has something for everyone, starting from a combination of high and low obstacles such as a ninja course, sensory adventure trails and various rock and boulder climbing walls. But more than that, it is also home to many FIRSTS in Singapore:

(I would advise you to take a deep breath now because here we go!)

Singapore’s first-of-its-kind 15m Cloud Climb

With an indoor facility spanning four levels, you can choose to traverse up and down using the stairs or lifts. But my suggestion is to use the lovely Cloud Climbs, which are sculpture-like adventure play steps that gives you a panoramic view of Adventure HQ from the top.

It also gives you access to the Ninja Course and Adventure Trail at the second level or the Sky Venture obstacle course at the third level... OR to the top of the longest indoor slide in Singapore.

Which brings me to my next attraction.

Singapore’s longest indoor slide

At 14m long (or 4.5 storeys high!), this indoor slide is officially the LONGEST in Singapore. Yes, it is longer than Changi Airport’s The Slide @T3! And how fast does it take to reach the bottom from the top? A mere 3 to 4 seconds, depending on your weight. But that is one fast descent... and a superbly thrilling one too! Just ask the monkies.

There are also two other shorter 'Firemen slides' which are part of the Adventure Trail. I'll get to them in a bit, because it's my turn. 😆

Singapore’s biggest two-tiered, 16-obstacle indoor Sky Venture challenge rope course

If you or your kids love going on high elements obstacle courses, then the Sky Venture will be straight up your alley. 

Consisting of a whopping 16 obstacles and standing at 15m high, this challenge rope course definitely has your fave obstacle... and more! Spread over two tiers, the beauty of the course is there is NO dictated path to complete the obstacle.

You are free to move in any direction, across either the upper or lower level and you can even turn back if you do not want to go on the next obstacle. Of course, this means that if someone is behind you, you have to bring your negotiation skills to the table and come to a compromise so that both of you can head in the direction that you want.

Kudos to the monkies for tackling all of the obstacles in the course. As for me, I only completed a few... I avoided the tyre obstacle as if it were Covid - primarily because I always have this fear that the tyres may go in opposite directions when I am on it, and so will my inner thighs. 😅

But for sure, this multi-sensorial experience develops one's balancing skills, self-confidence, hand-eye coordination and observation skills.

Singapore’s first 165m-long indoor artificial cave

Modeled after real caves, the Fossil Labyrinth is a 165m-long stretch of artificial caves complete with stalactites, stalagmites, stumps and fossils. That means you have to really get down on your knees and crawl through the dark tunnels for your exploration.

Oh, did I mention dark? Yes, it is pitch black inside - just like how real caves are. And speaking of real, the labyrith also smells almost similar to real caves too! Hmmm, did they use bat poop too? 😂

And try to find that ball pit to dive into when you are there. Ball pits need not neccessarily be for kids only, no?

But no worries, there isn't any real bat poop to squish inside the caves. But what it has are extremely low ceilings and narrow tunnels, which makes wearing helmets, elbow and knee guards a must when inside. Erm, which we didn't because when we were there, there wasn't a staff stationed at the entrance and we didn't know it was a requirement. So just know that this is a negative demonstration!

Singapore’s first indoor Roll Glider at 233m long

This is currently not opened yet and is only scheduled to open in 2021.

But this is a ride like no other - powered only by gravity and body movement (no electricity!), Roll Glider offers the roller-coaster adventure experience of hand-gliding. Can't wait!

(Caught your breath yet?)

Because we are STILL NOT DONE.

In addition to all the 'firsts' in Singapore, Adventure HQ also boasts plenty of other adrenaline-inducing play attractions:

Ninja Course

Why settle on watching Ninja Warrior on the television when you can experience it for your own???

Yes, for all those Ninja Warrior wannabes and especially for those who laugh or snicker when you see people fall or fail in their attempt to clear the course on TV, now here's your chance to make all those words count!

There are two different Ninja Warrior-inspired courses here: one is mainly for upper body strength while the other calls on lower body strength. Let me just say that the upper body one is realy really tough - the initial obstacles are pretty easy to clear but come to the raised monkey bar and cargo netting, all of us simply fell short.

The other one is more fun - primarily because we managed to clear it! LOL. Just watch Ash in action.

And yes, I completed it too. The old me probably would have struggled at the final stage in pulling myself up.

And similar to Ninja Warrior, the courses come with an automatic timer and a buzzer at the end for you to slam in a bid to clock the fastest timing.

Adventure Trail

Here's where you can experience the thrill of heights without the need of a harness!

The Adenture Trail is like a high elements course with a network of tunnel of nets for one to scamper through... but all without having to have a safety harness. That's because everything in the trail is enclosed and bound by the netted tunnels, which by the way, are filled with different types of obstacles from giant foam balls to spiderweb-like obstacles.

Your reward? Choose from one of two Firemen Slides and enjoy a quick descent to the first floor and begin your adventure all over again!

Boulder + Rock Climb

Love boulder and rock climbing? Then Adventure HQ offers a range of walls with varying difficulty levels. With 8 climbing lanes, choose your adventure between Classic Top Rope or Automated Belaying climbing. 

Spoiler Alert! You will definitely get your full body workout here!

Urban Climb

Much like HomeTeamNS Clip 'N Climb at Our Tampines Hub, Urban Climb at Adenture HQ offers vertical climbing walls of different difficulty levels as well. There are MORE vertical climbing walls here though - 24 of them! - and each of them is just too fun!

Of course, there are the usual ones like the speed racers where you can compete against someone to race to the top, walls with quirky-shaped holds and even task-oriented ones where you have to press different buzzers at varying levels to put out the fire in a vertical wall designed to look like a burning flat.

Some of the notable ones are the walls that come with with bubble-like holds, holds that are in the form of strings and holds that are gear-shaped which can rotate when you grip them! Not easy, okay!

And then there are the more unsual ones, like climbing up a structure made of tyres or different cuboid shapes.

One of our faves is this Skyscraper Climb, where you have to find your inner balance to walk up the 16 pillars. Look easy? Think again, because the higher one gets, the more wobbly the pillars are! And once you reach the top, the only way to get down is to take that leap of faith and jump off.

If that's not thrilling enough, go for the Jump in the Air installation where you climb up and get to leap off the platform in an attempt to grab the handle positioned a little further away.

There is also the Parabolic Slide, which is similar to the one at KidsSTOP at Science Centre Singapore. A pulley will hoist you up to a height of 8m while you grab onto a handle. Release your grip once at the top, and you will drop along the almost-90 degrees slide right to the ground. Pity it was closed for maintenace while we were there so we didn't try it.

But that's okay because we still had a blast at Adventure HQ.

How do I know that? Because my teens told me so.

And if my picky and difficult-to-please teens can ask me when is the next time we are heading back to Adventure HQ, I think it is testament to the huge amount of fun and thrills that Adenture HQ offers to the entire family.

Looks like we will be back then. And next time, I will beat Ash in the wall climb. 💪

Important things to note:

- Although there is no minimum age requirement, there is a minimum height requirement of 1.25m.

- Play time slots are in blocks of 3.5 hours.

- There are two play time slots for weekdays (2pm-5.30pm & 6pm-9.30pm) and three for weekends, Eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays, School Holidays (10am-1.30pm, 2pm-5.30pm & 6pm-9.30pm). It is closed on Mondays.

- There is a maximum capacity of 50 people per time slot in Phase II: Safe Transition during COVID-19 so pre-booking your slot online is highly recommended.

- You are required to wear comfortable sports / casual attire with covered shoes. Barefoot, crocs, sandals and slippers are strictly not allowed.

- Adventure HQ strongly recommends participants to don masks while moving from one zone installation to another. Masks are not required to be worn while climbing. Participants will have to keep a 2-metres distance from others.

- If you wish to only access the Boulder + Rock Climb & Urban Climb areas, you can purchase a cheaper ticket rate. For access to every attraction in Adventure HQ, purchase the All-Access Pass. There is also the All-Access Bundle which comes with 4 passes at a discounted rate. NOTE that there is no difference in price for kids and adults.


Stand a chance to win a set of FOUR tickets to Adventure HQ! There are a total of FOUR sets to be given away! Head to my FACEBOOK POST to participate.


Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS Khatib

Address: 2 YISHUN WALK, SINGAPORE 767944

Opening hours:

Tuesday- Friday: 2:00PM – 10:00PM - Time slots: 2:00PM – 5.30PM | 6:00PM – 9:30PM

Saturday, Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday, School Holiday: 10:00AM – 10:00PM - Time slots: 10:00AM – 1:30PM | 2:00PM – 5:30PM | 6:00PM – 9:30PM

CLOSED on Mondays



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