Nov 26, 2020

4 Secrets of Suntec City to give your Festive Shopping, Playing & Eating a Head Start!


I don't think I need to tell you what a massive shopping mall Suntec City is. And with the festive season upon us, you can be sure that Christmas shopping is going to feature heavily in all of our To-do lists. So while it is never a good idea to drag the kiddos along for shopping expeditions - unless they know they are getting the presents! 😂 - heading to Suntec City for your Christmas shopping this year might change all that.

Because quite simply, parents can save themselves the hassle of travelling to different malls and just plan a full day’s worth of things to do at Suntec City - from shopping to playing to eating to relaxing to kiddy fun to eating some more. And make sure you READ UNTIL THE VERY END TOO because I will share 4 secrets of Suntec City that will kickstart your festive shopping on the right note!

But first, I got to admit the last time I went to Suntec City was waaaaay before Circuit Breaker (where did all the time go this COVID-19 year???) so when I brought the family to the mall, the first thing that struck me was a lot of things (and stores) have changed. Do you remember where Tony Roma's used to be? I have many fond memories of the place because my parents used to bring my sister and me there only on special occasions.

A meal there wasn't cheap so it really had to be something special when we got to sink our teeth into those soft ribs. Well, that restaurant is no more but in its place, the entire B1 area which it used to occupy has been revamped to include many more modest yet delicious selections which includes MOS Burger, The Salted Plum, Fluff Stack and many more. 

"YASSS! There's Jollibee!" exclaimed my monkies when we were deciding what to eat for lunch. 😅

But more on our lunch choice later. Because it's time to get serious about play time.


Cow Play Cow Moo

#03-372, East Wing & B1-150, Fountain Court

No matter how old you are, chances are you will feel like a kid in an arcade! Whether it is blasting battle ships, shooting hoops, maneuvering claws to snag a plush toy, or hitting the jackpot by winning an endless stream of tickets, spending time together as a family at the arcade will be an enjoyable and fun one.

Just ask the monkies.

Or Ale who had all the beginner's luck in the world when she won 800 tickets with just 2 tokens on her first try!

Even for the teens in my family, they were only all too eager to blast away on the NERF arcade machine.

Ditto for the wifey. LOL.


#01-330, West Wing

In times like these, there is nothing like being a tourist in our own country - and rediscover some of the sights that Singapore has to offer. And nobody does it quite like BIG BUS & DUCK which brings you on a tour on land AND water!

Known as Singapore's original DUCKtours and Big Bus open-top double-decker tour operator, BIG BUS & DUCK operates the famous amphibious vehicle which takes you on a city tour of the historical Civic District, before splashing into the water and swimming off like a duck for a picturesque harbour tour. Definitely a unique experience for the kids!

Or if you prefer to stay dry, you can also hop aboard the Big Bus with a Hop-on Hop-off ticket which gives you unlimited hop-on-hop-offs along different routes, linking from hotels to attraction to even ethnic districts.

Psst, here's a tip: did you know you can use your Singapore REdiscovers vouchers for the tour as well? Just book your tour via one of the five booking platforms to secure your slot before heading down!

The Polliwogs/ Mummys Market

#02-728, East Wing

Have younger kids? Then a play session at The Polliwogs will be music to their ears! The Polliwogs has certainly come a long way since when my monkies were still toddlers. I remember bringing them to its first outlet along East Coast Park and they loved it!

While my kids have since outgrown these kiddy indoor playgrounds, I will forever be grateful to them for giving my kids a space and place to release their pent-up energy while I get to indulge in a little down time while they go have fun.

The Polliwogs at Suntec City is great for kids with a wide range of play structures for kids. There is even a padded play area for even younger kids and toddlers. Best of all, there is a lounge area for parents to take a break from all the shopping while being able to keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

Or if your kids are old enough, you can pop over to the newly-opened Mummys Market which is situated just beside The Polliwogs. Take your pick from a superb range of parenting necessities, toys and gear!


#02-713, East Wing

I think this certainly needs no introduction.

Which kid doesn't love to be surrounded by rows and rows and rows of toys?

Even for the boys, who zoomed in on NERF guns and LEGO building sets immediately.

Ok ok, so me too.

How can I resist Baby Yoda???

The great thing about this TOYS "R" US store at Suntec City is there are plenty of hands-on toy samples for kids to try out. For sure, it's a great place to do your Christmas shopping or even just occupy some time... if you can resist opening up the wallet! 😅


Suntec City has a wide array of health, wellness and fitness options not only for parents, but for kids too! And the thing I noticed about the layout of the tenants in Suntec City is those for adults and those for kids are usually situated close to one another, if not side by side.

You know what this means, don't you? Simply drop off your child and enjoy some me-time at a nearby health and wellness centre . If that's not maximising your time, I don't know what is. 😁 Parents can choose to attend classes at Platinum Yoga, Pure Fitness, Pure Yoga, Fight Zone or just simply relax at Spa Infinity or The Thai Spa while kids can take their pick from Aureus Academy, Jody Marshall Dance Company, School of Music Clef, or even attend swimming lessons.

Yes, Suntec City is actually home to a swimming pool AND a swim school! State Swim Swimming Schools (#04-02, North Wing) at Suntec City focuses on how children best learn the skills required to make them stronger, safer swimmers by allowing them to learn effectively in a safe, fun and supportive environment.


At Suntec City, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to meal times. Because I know we were.

It eventually turned into a Adults vs Kids situation where the monkies wanted burgers for lunch while the boomers wanted something more erm, traditional. Guess who won?

To be honest, I didn't know beforehand that Shake Shack had opened an outlet at Suntec City. So I admit my heart was swayed when we stumbled across it. But don't tell the wifey that.

If burgers and fries are not so much your kind of thing, no worries because there are plenty of dining options at Suntec City - from Chinese to Italian to of course almost every kid's fave, Japanese.

And the good thing about these restaurants is they are family-friendly which offers child seating options. Not only that, restaurants like Hoshino Coffee and Ichiban Boshi also offers kids meal options ( more savings!) while Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo lets kids eat for free with every paying adult (even more savings!).

Even with all the PLAY, RELAX and EAT options, Suntec City has always pride itself as a family-friendly mall. And it's evident by having ample common space (including lifts on every floor) within the mall and the availability of spacious Nursing Rooms.

And getting to it is also a breeze even with public transport - it is directly linked to 2 MRT stations, which means pushing that pram from the MRT station to the mall is seamless!

But wait, THERE'S MORE!

To make your time at Suntec City even more worthwhile, let me share FOUR SECRETS to give you a headstart in your Christmas shopping:

1. Claim your free $3 transport 'allowance'!

That's right, enjoy $3 off your Grab ride to Suntec City when you apply the promo code ‘SUNTEC’! No minimum spend required and valid from 10am to 10pm daily.

2. Download the Suntec+ app to receive 2,000 points instantly!

For users who are signing up for  the Suntec+ app for the first time, just enter the code '2000POINTS' to receive 2,000 Suntec+ points instantly! This is  equivalent to $2 worth of carpark dollars . Don't say I never share, ok?

3. Want an even better reason to download the app? You can unlock even more rewards and accumulate points for redemption!

And there is no better time to do so than now because you earn 2x points when you shop and dine at Suntec City every Friday from now until 25 December 2020! Simply upload your Friday receipts with a minimum spend of $20 each via the Suntec+ app.

4. Want to locate a shop in Suntec City at an instant? Just look out for one of the large QR codes on the floor within the mall and scan it.

You get directed to a webpage for a quick navigation of Suntec City's shops on your phone... without the need to download any apps! Even better, let me save you some time by giving you the link right here now - simply go to for easy navigation!

So if  you are looking for an all-in-one place to bring the family this festive season, Suntec City has got your back. Not only will you get your Christmas shopping done, the kids in the family will be kept happy and satisfied too. Win-win for all, if you ask me.

I could probably continue to share many more ways that Suntec City has got your back from now until the end of the year with merry rewards like vouchers and gifts but I think you would rather be rushing down to Suntec City to kickstart your Chirstmas shopping! So just keep the poster below handy in your phone - you'll thank me later. 😉

Click for more details!


Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983

Opening hours: 10am-10pm


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