Jan 3, 2021

Ash turns 16 today and it's Bittersweet

As the clock struck midnight and the night crossed into 3rd January 2021, I can't help but head into the boys' bedroom to sneak a peek at my newly-minted 16-year-old.

You see, Ash turns 16 today.

SIXTEEN! How on Earth is that possible???

My baby, my little boy.

Except he is no longer little. He loves his food, give monosyllabic answers most of time, shows concern for his grandparents and thinks on his feet, to the point where he fires back retorts and leave me stumped at times.

Watching him and his brother carry on a conversation about Fortnite, Minecraft, YouTube videos, gaming or whatever else, is mind-bloggling, mostly because I have no idea what is going on. 😅

Ash has always been a sensitive, sweet boy with the biggest heart... even if he is sometimes shy to show it. But it has been a trait that makes the wifey and I so proud as parents.

And he has grown into a dependable and responsible young man too, traits which has been recognised by his teachers in school. For that, I am grateful.

But who am I kidding?

Turning sixteen is a huge game changer.

Turning sixteen means there are only a few more years before he leaves the nest.

Turning sixteen means there are only a few more years before I get asked,"Hey Pa, do you need to use the car tonight?"

Turning sixteen means the bedroom is going to get a little more messier... unless his girlfriend is coming over, of course.

Turning sixteen means there will be more late nights waiting on the sofa and wondering what time he will be back home.

Turning sixteen means an empty seat around the dinner table, which used to be filled with a child with a face smeared with gravy and accidentally dropping his cutlery without fail.

Turning sixteen means having more worries about his physical, mental and emotional health as he navigates the stress of juggling increasing school work, friends and relationships.

Turning sixteen means it is time to experience heartaches, break ups, and wasted opportunities. And even though I know it is part of the learning process, my heart still aches for him.

So yes, this is sixteen. 😥

I had sixteen years to prepare for this moment but now that we have reached this milestone, I didn't expect it to come so fast.

Now, he is at that age where we are not allowed to take too many photos or upload them on social media before vetting or even express any show of affection. Although I am excited to see the man he is growing into, it breaks my heart to know that I am getting closer to letting him go with every passing year.

I love you my son, and I'm so proud of you and everything you have accomplished until now. Happy Birthday to the most awesome dude in the world!

To Ash, I wish you nothing but the best, forever blessed with immense love and health and wealth for your future.

Love, Dad

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