Jan 21, 2021

How to Find these Stunning Massive Trees in the Heart of Bukit Brown Cemetery

Of all the hiking and jungle bashing trails in Singapore I have done in the past few months, I think I may have found my fave hiking spot right in the heart of Bukit Brown Cemetery.

Don't worry, there's nothing spooky about the trail - if you go during the daytime, that is! - but rather, a stunning landscape of greenery and super tall trees will make the hike worthwhile.

We first went on the trail on the last weekend of 2020 and it was probably the most challenging one yet because the skies opened up during the early part of the hike so we walked in torrential rain for the most part of it - complete with muddy and flooded trails! 

The last time I remember walking in such heavy downpour was during NS, so kudos to the monkies for persevering through it. In fact, the boys loved it because it was “so much more cooling” while Ale was a little irritated that she got drenched as her poncho was oversized. 😅

But while walking in the rain was an experience in itself, it prevented us from stopping and appreciating the highlight of the hike - the super tall trees in the middle of Bukit Brown. They definitely looked so majestic but unfortunately, we had to keep moving due to the rain.

So it was a pity (no blue skies *sob*) but no matter, because the wifey and I made plans to head back again on a sunny day... this time without the monkies. And so we did.


While there aren't any marked signs to indicate the presence of the trail, the entire walking trail is NOT within an out-of-bounds area so you won't be breaking any laws. The only sign that you may come across is the one below, which basically absolves any party from any responsibility should anything happen to you.

The start of the trail begins near Kheam Hock Park, along Kheam Hock Road. If you are driving, you can park along the road among the landed properties in the University Road area. From Kheam Hock Park, you can see a flyover. Walk under it and you can see the opening of the trail immediately on your right... and a unmistakable Singapore flag.

Head towards it and go up the slight slope on your right.


From here, it is essentially a straight path that runs parallel to the PIE on your right.

After about 15 to 20 minutes, you will come across a sign that says 'Sin Heng San Teng Tua Pek Kong' temple. If you wish to, you may deviate and pay the temple a visit before continuing on the hike.

Interestingly, this temple is sort of abandoned but has been maintained by a group of volunteer caretakers who have taken it upon themselves to upkeep it in a good condition.

The area surrounding the temple is a cemetery previously owned by Hokkien Huay Kuan and it is now part of Bukit Brown Cemetery. The name of the cemetery was Sin Heng San Teng, hence the temple's name too. The temple's history can be traced to 1893, based on the words carved on the oldest incense burner in the temple.

Head back to the same path after the temple visit and continue on it. This stretch of the trail is relatively easy... perhaps only muddy if you are visiting after a heavy downpour.

Along the way, you will spot some amazing trees... which make for good photos for your IG grid.

That's the beauty of hiking without the kids - we can take all the time in the world to stop for photos. 🤣 

You will then reach a rather steep downslope. Once you have made your way down, you will see a stream in front of you. Turn left and follow the well-trodden (muddy) path.

And this is where things get really interesting.

The vegetation here is amazing... and some are extremely huge!

Also, the trail here is muddier than the previous portion so my advice is to wear proper hiking shoes.

Personally, even though this portion of the hike is muddy, I love the entire feel of the surroundings while hiking along. Now I know it means when people say nature is therapeutic.

After about 20 minutes, the trees start to clear up overhead and you enter the highlight of the hike.


I don't think there is any other word to describe the trees but BREATHTAKING.

Seriously, these massive towering trees that reside in the heart of Bukit Brown Cemetery are stunning. In fact, they remind me a little like the ones in the Avatar movie!

And as you may have rightly guessed, we went crazy with the photo-taking! 😅

I love how tranquil the entire area is and that sound of nature that travels through the forest while standing in the middle of it all? Just WOW.

Once you have your fill of photo-taking, simply follow the trail to head into Bukit Brown Cemetery proper.

From here, the paths are paved so it is extremely straightforward. You can choose to continue on the Bukit Brown Heritage Trail - you can download the self-guided walking tour HERE - or head back to the starting point at Kheam Hock Park.

Simply turn left at the forked road after exiting from the 'Avatar' trees area and you will reach Kheam Hock Road.

I think we will probably go on this hike again soon because like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is one of my fave hiking trails so far. And next time, I'll keep my eyes peeled so that I can spot more of things around me that Nature has to offer. 😍


If you are interested, here is our walking trail map. The total distance is 2.2km so it is pretty doable in terms of distance.

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