Mar 19, 2021

The Green Corridor Central portion Re-opens - Hike from the Truss Bridge at Rail Mall to Bt Timah Railway Station!


After closing for refurbishment works, the Green Corridor's (or Rail Corridor) Central portion connecting the Upper Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge at Rail Mall to the Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge near Bukit Timah Railway Station is NOW OPEN!

The Green Corridor (Central) is a highly accessible stretch, anchored at each end by the Hillview and King Albert park Downtown Line MRT stations. And according to NParks' website, it has been enhanced along three themes: Heritage & Culture, Biodiversity & Greenery, and Recreation, to create meaningful experiences for everyone.

Credit: NParks

At the time of writing, I think the portion is in its soft opening phase as there are still hoardings along the way which have yet to be taken down but overall, the path is accessible to the public.

Credit: NParks

The easiest way to get started is either by the Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge near KAP Mall or if you prefer, at the Upper Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge in front of Rail Mall.

There is a newly-constructed flight of steps in front of these row of shops at Rail Mall.

Just head up the steps and you will see the railway tracks.

Turn left and you will continue down to Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge while turning right will bring you across the Upper Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge.

Think it's safe to say this will be a popular spot for photo-taking. 

Myself included. 😁

If you continue straight after crossing the bridge in the direction of Hillview MRT, the path is currently still closed at the time of writing.

So my suggestion is to take a slow hike in the other direction instead.

Along the way, you will go over the Quarry Bridge and walk through dense vegetation on both sides.

This portion is named the 'Rainforest' portion as the understorey vegetation has been enhanced on both sides of the trail, bringing visitors closer to nature.

Soon, you will hit the Hindhede Bridge which is where the entrance to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is.

There is a newly-constructed path that leads you down to the entrance of the nature reserve should you wish to hike up Bukit Timah Hill.

Or you can just continue straight and go across the Hindhede Bridge.

Remember what I mentioned about the metal hoardings? You can see them at certain points of the trail.

The most important piece of hoarding which has yet to be removed when I was there (19 March 2021) is beneath the Anak Bukit Flyover.

I'm not sure why this hasn't been removed because from what I can see, both sides of the trail are already completed. There is a way to go around it though - from gap at the right side of the hoarding in the photo below.

If you continue on, you will reach the Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge. Cross over that and Bukit Timah Railway Station will be in your sight.

Althernatively, you can start your journey from Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge too.

The previously-blocked path has now re-opened.

Again, you will encounter the same hoarding under the Anak Bukit Flyover.

You can either choose to pass through the gap on the right or take the legitimate route and continue on the path along the main road.

You can join back on the trail at the Hindhede Bridge area.

And then make your way to the Upper Bukit Timah Road Truss Bridge.

From one Truss Bridge to the other Truss Bridge, the distance for one-way is 2.8km so it is entirely doable for everyone from the young to the old.

For more information of the Rail Corridor, visit NParks' website.

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