Mar 25, 2021

12 Nature Playgardens in Singapore Parks for Kids - ALL FREE!

The first Nature Playgarden made its apperance at the HortPark in 2019 and since then, a few more have popped up at various parks in Singapore. Okay, more than just a few actually... because there are currently 11 Nature Playgardens that you can bring your kids too!

What is a Nature Playgarden?

Unlike the usual playgrounds, Nature Playgardens are uilt with pre-schoolers in mind as these areas are best for kids aged between 3 and 6 years old.

The Nature playgardens are set within nature, utilizes natural terrain which keeps in tune with its nature theme. Using natural materials and comprising curated play features, children can get to choose what and how to play, thus developing a sense of adventure and discovery.

"Creative and nature play may entail some risk-taking"

Yep, I love the playgardens already! 😊

Nature Playgarden Locations

Here are the locations of the Nature Playgardens, in alphabetical order:

Ang Mo Kio Linear Park

Ang Mo Kio Linear Park is a strip of green space that runs parallel to Ang Mon Kio Ave 5. It primarily serves as a Park Connector to the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park.

It does have a small playground for kids but located some distance away is a Nature Playgarden where kids are free to climb, scamper and jump from the wooden logs.

Address: Along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Conveniently located in front of McDonald's, this Nature Playgarden has a unique twist - kids (and parents) can engage in a game of tic-tac-toe!

There isn't any need for screens because kids can use the wooden blocks to play the game.

In addtion, they can test their agility and balance skills at the tree stumps and across the logs!

Address: Along Bishan Road and Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 (In front of McDonald's)
Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

Clementi Woods Park

With its tall mature native trees and natural vegetation, Clementi Woods Park is a welcoming retreat for those looking to get close to nature.

There is a small playground located at the centre of the park. But for more fun, head to the Nature Playgarden which is designed for pre-schoolers to encourage them to spend more time outdoors and reconnect with nature.

The children's imagination can run wild as they explore the different play features created to stimulate senses, do imaginative play, develop motor skills and discover the greenery around the playgarden.

Address: Along West Coast Road (North-east of the park)
Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

Coney Island Park

Located near the West Entrance, this adventure area, known as the Casuarina Exploration was constructed using felled Casuarina trees and other recycled materials. The ground material was made with sand recycled from the nearby beach. 

Besides being environmentally friendly, the use of these materials gives the adventure area a rustic feel. Designed to be like an obstacle course, kids will love weaving through the 'Millipede', keeping their balance on the 'Earthworm' or hopping across the 'Caterpillar'!

Address: Coney Island Park (Beside Punggol Promenade Nature Walk), West Entrance
Opening hours: 7am to 7pm (Gates will be closed at 7pm)
Admission: FREE

East Coast Park, Coastal PlayGrove *NEW*

The newest addition to the Nature Playgarden list, the one at Coastal PlayGrove encourages children to play in an environment integrated with greenery. It is designed for ages 3 to 12, with three themed zones.

In the first zone, a bamboo tunnel trail evokes a sense of mystery. The area is complemented with plants that provide copper and red tones from their foliage. 

In the second zone, play elements include teepees, as a reference to camping, a popular activity in East Coast Park, as well as a trail created with logs. The teepees enable children to engage in imaginative play. They also act as spaces to hide and withdraw from the main flow of activity. 

In the third zone, a trail leads to the sand pit, with a balancing board as a play element.

In addition, kids can test their balace skills as they traverse along the log and tree stump obstacle course.

Address: 902 East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449874

Opening hours: 24 hours

Admission: FREE

East Coast Park, Area D – Cyclist Park

Cyclist Park Nature Playgarden is a playground inspired by outdoor adventure that features a log trail, sand pit and 1.5m climbing log.

Young ones can develop a  sense of discovery and train their balance at the simple obstacle course, and older children can try their hands at the mini climbing wall installed with grips, that was  fashioned from a log. There's even a huge sand pit for sand play!

If you are looking for a respite at East Coast Park, there is another smaller Nature Playgarden at Raintree Cove (Area C) which offers a naturalistic play area that double up as benches made from salvaged wood.

Address: 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876 (East Coast Park Area D)

Opening hours: 7am to 7pm (Gates will be closed at 7pm)

Admission: FREE

Jubilee Park, Fort Canning Park

Beyond the rich history that Fort Canning Park offers, the park also has wide green spaces for kids to run amok... as well as a brand new playground space.

Jubilee Park is situated opposite Clarke Quay, and sits on the western slope of Fort Canning Park, which used to host a range of recreational options for Singaporeans, such as River Valley Swimming Pool, Van Kleef Aquarium and the National Theatre in the 20th century. Now, the open space has been restored as a family-friendly node with lots of play structures for kids. For one, they will love putting their balancing skills to the test at this log obstacle course!

There are also bouncy nets, as well as these 3 super long slides which offer different meandering options down to the bottom.

Addres: Bounded by Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road

Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE


This is the one that started it all but definitely no less fun for toddlers! That's because it's the second largest Nature Playgarden after Forest Ramble at Jurong Lake Gardens.

Courtesy of NParks

This playgarden is NParks' first Biophilic Playgarden, which integrates play features with more natural elements such as trees and sand. In all, there are a total of nine play features at the playgarden. 

There are none of the usual slides, seesaws or even climbing structures that one usually associates with playgrounds but the playgarden has ingeniously blended play activities with nature... along with plenty of hideouts for kids to explore.

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road (off Alexandra Road), Singapore 119578
Opening hours: Daily except for Mondays.
*Although HortPark is opened from 6am to 11pm, the playgarden is lit by natural sunlight only.
Admission: FREE

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden 

This is Asia’s first garden dedicated to children and since its refurbishment in 2017, it is now Asia's largest children's garden and even has a new Forest Playground! The 4-hectare garden is packed with interesting features and stations such as the Sensory Garden where kids learn about nature by engaging their senses of smell and touch. Other top attractions include the water play area and an awesome tree house furnished with a spiralling slide.

But the fave attraction for kids has got to be the forest playground where they can explore a tree top canopy and finish it off with the flying-fox!

This new playground occupies a larger area and consists of various obstacles to test kids' balance and agility.

After clearing the log obstacles, children could then get close to nature by exploring a network of canopy tree huts and rope bridges nestled in the tree tops.

And cap it off with an awesome Flying Fox stunt!

Address: 481 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 259769
Opening hours: 8am - 7pm (last admission at 6.30pm)
*The Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is closed on Mondays (except when it falls on a designated public holiday)
Admission: FREE
*Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is designed for children aged 14 and below. Children aged 12 and below must be accompanied by an adult. To promote a safe environment for children, adults are permitted entry only if accompanying a child. 

Forest Ramble, Jurong Lake Gardens

Kids will no doubt love Forest Ramble which is the largest nature playgarden in the heartlands. The 2.3-hectare playgarden is HUGE and comprises of 13 adventure stations for kids to explore, while being set in a natural environment consisting of streams and plants.

Most interestingly, the playgarden's stations are designed to emulate the movement of animals which inhabit a freshwater swamp forest. What this means is the play structures are designed to allow kids to mimic the movements of a monkey, frog, heron, crab, squirrel and even an otter!

There are also water play areas in the park - the Tidal Play Pool and Sand Play Pool. Kids can enter the Tidal Play Pool by walking down a gentle slope. Periodically, water will gush out from the steps, making the water level rise (up to 30cm in depth) which gives kids the opportunity to learn about natural tide cycles! At the Sand Play Pool, kids can experience the varying textures of sand while observing how water movements create wave-sculpted ripples in the sand.

Address: Along Yuan Ching Rd
Opening hours: 8am - 10pm
*Closed on Mondays except for Public Holidays
Admission: FREE

Sengkang Riverside Park

(integrated with Skool4kidz Campus)

Situated beside Skool4kidz Campus, the Nature Playgarden in Sengkang Riverside Park features butterfly-attracting plants and an edible garden that connect seamlessly with the inclusive playground.

Pop over the playground located beside the playgarden too!

Or you can bring the kids for a walk around Senkang Riverside Park and attempt to find these colourful fruits! 

Address: Anchorvale Street abutting Sungei Punggol (behind Skool4kidz Campus)
Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

Yishun Park

Developed on an old rubber estate, Yishun Park is home to an array of tropical fruit trees and natural vegetation. With facilities such as children playgrounds, fitness corners, an amphitheatre and multi-purpose courts, there’s something for everyone. 

Located conveniently beside SAFRA Yishun, the Nature Playgarden in Yishun Park offers children a handful of free-play elements set upon a grassy mound and a sandpit, against the backdrop of the Dipterocarp arboretum.

Address: Bounded by Yishun Ave 4, Yishun Central, Yishun Ave 11 and Yishun Ring Road (Beside SAFRA Yishun)
Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: FREE

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