Apr 13, 2021

[NEW] Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park opens with Tall Swirling Slide, Elevated Boardwalk & Summit Platform (& it's Stunning at Night too!)

Great news for the Westies, because Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park has just opened with a tall swirling tube slide, a rope obstacle course, toddler play area and even an elevated boardwalk!

The entire park is filled with amenities that will appeal to different age groups, from fitness stations to a summit platform to of course, THIS.

Located beside Block 225 Bukit Batok Central, the park is set in the surroundings of a small hill (otherwise known as Fuji Hill) which makes it a great place to bring the entire family for a great workout.

Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park does not cover a huge area but because of the hilly terrain, it makes for an interesting park to visit.

Map of Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park


Located at the base of the park (nearer to Blk 225 Bt Batok Central), this outdoor playground is no doubt the highlight for most kids.

Ideal for kids aged between 5 and 12 years old, kids can go on a balancing rope course where they can try navigating from end to end while hanging on the ropes.

Once done, they can hop over to the main play stucture where fun rope obstacle climbing nets await.

The main 3-storey structure then beckons and kids will love scampering up the tower via the various rope nettings.

Upon reaching the topmost level, they get to experience a quick descent to the ground via the bright yellow swirling see-through tube slide!

The good thing about the slide is it is non-metallic which means it will not get too hot on sunny days.

In addition, there is a green slide which is at a lower height so for kids who are hesistant to try the tall slide, this will serve as a good confidence booster!


Situated just beside the main playground is a smaller one catered for kids 5 years old and below.

This green-coloured playground consists of a mini merry-go-round, mini swing and a play structure which has a short slide, easy climbing nets and shaded min-den.


A fitness corner is located right in between both playgrounds, so that parents can also work out while the kids go for their dose of outdoor play!


A unique feature of the park is the elevated boardwalk that runs parallel along Bukit Batok Central road.

There are two ways to reach the boardwalk - the first being climbing up a long long long flight of stairs at T-junction of Bukit Batok St 21 and Bukit Batok Central. The other way - and I recommend this - is to follow the jogging path located behind the playgrounds.

Not only is it extremely scenic, the pathway is extremely well-shaded. Upon reaching the pavilion, you will see the start of the boardwalk.

Although not that high, the boardwalk still offers pretty amazing views.

The cicular boardwalk platform in the middle of the elevated boardwalk is probably the place you can get your best photos for Instagram. 😁


But there is more to the park - how about ascending the hill to the reach the Summit Platform?

Again, one can choose to climb up a long flight of stairs.

But if that sounds too boring, rest assured there is a much more scenic way to reach the top. 😊

Once at the top, kids can go havoc by running freely among the open wide space.

Do pop by the neighbouring viewing platform where you can soak in the views of the park from the summit.


There are also seven individual fitness stations located at the base of the summit too. But rather than clumping them all together in one place, the seven fitness stations are spread out individually along the perimeter of the base.

This means that if you wish to work out on all seven stations, you have to walk/jog/run round the perimeter of the hill. Ingenious!


If you are living nearby, I strongly recommend visiting the park at night instead. For one, there are lesser people and it is so much cooler for the kids to go on the play structures.

The other more important reason is the elevated boardwalk gets lighted up at night!

It is definitely so much aesthetically pleasing to stroll on it at night. 😁


If the kids can't get enough of playgrounds, there is another playground situated in front of Block 224 Bukit Batok Central. This is the original playground that served the residents around the area before Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park opened.


Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park

Address: Along Bukit Batok Central road (Beside Block 225 Bukit Batok Central and opposite Block 644 Bukit Batok Central)

Getting there: Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park is a 10-min walk away from Bukit Batok MRT Station. If you drive, park at the open carpark lots at Block 225 Bukit Batok Central

Opening hours: 24 hours

Admission: FREE

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