Jul 19, 2021

EDOOVO: Interactive Real-time Online Learning Platform for Kids 3 to 8 yrs old + FREE TRIAL!


Without a doubt, online learning has accelerated tremendously in the past 1.5 years, and a huge part of that has been due to COVID-19. Because like it or not, being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore - not with the advancement of new technologies and online learning tools.

My kids' first experience of attending a virtual class was way back in 2016... a good 5 years ago. Back then, my 2 boys were still in primary school while Ale was in K2 and I have seen first-hand how virtual learning has captured their attention back then. Fast forward to the present and I think it is safe to say you can easily have access to a quality education whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have access to a computer. And there is no better time to start the kids when they are young.

That is where EDOOVO, an online learning platform for pre-schoolers aged 3 to 7 years old, comes in. Created for a child’s best learning in mind, EDOOVO’s online classroom and coursewares are designed by experienced, qualified and recognised curriculum specialists and educators. EDOOVO strives to deliver a holistic real-time learning experience for every child’s formative years, through an interactive and engaging online learning platform.

What sets EDOOVO apart from other online enrichment platforms for pre-schoolers is its developmentally-appropriate curriculum, dedicated teachers, and  interactive learning platform which are designed to bring out the best in every child and prepare them to be academically ready. Most importantly, EDOOVO wants to create an optimal environment for learning which appeals to kids and engages them so as not to put them off in learning new things.

As a parent for 16 years, that last point is certainly the most paramount one. One can possess the best learning materials or tools but those are rendered useless if the child does not want to be engaged or learn.

So there is nothing left to do but to let the kids test out EDOOVO.

But wait, my kids are obviously too big for EDOOVO 😅 so I roped in my nephew and niece to give the online learning platform a try!

And after 2 lessons with EDOOVO, I think I can understand why they enjoyed the lessons so much.

So what sets EDOOVO apart from the other learning platforms?

Holistically & Engaging Curriculum

EDOOVO offers classes for 3 subjects (English, Maths and Chinese) and the unique holistic curriculum incorporates 5 learning domains: Self, Social, Nature, Science and the Arts to effectively develop the whole child.

EDOOVO's developmentally-appropriate and progressive curriculum model allows for every child to progress and learn effectively based on their interests and learning levels.

Covering a total of 8 learning levels per subject, every EDOOVO subject level is divided into various units. Each unit further features topics that elevate a child’s knowledge through real-world applications. Engaging in-lesson activities and games makes learning fun and interactive, while allowing kids to grasp greater, new insights beyond their daily school curriculum.

My nephew had the Chinese class while my niece went for the Math class over one weekend. The good thing about the lessons is the duration is kept intentionally short - 25 minutes for N1 and N2 kids while it is 50 minutes for K1 and K2 kids. This way, their attention is kept to an optimized learning level.

For the Chinese lesson for 6-year-olds (K2), kids are taught to understand and extend story plot for essay writing, learn and use basic Hanyu Pinyin, and learn Chinese idioms. They are also given preparatory Chinese worksheets to attempt.

As for my niece's Math class, she was taught basic Math concepts in addition to learning how to count and write numbers from 1 to 20. Future lessons will include learning how to group based on differences/similarities as well as simple addition and subtraction using number bonds.

And to keep the lessons lively and fun, there is always real-time engagement between teachers and children which allows for interactive lessons and two-way communication. My sister told me that my nephew was ALWAYS raising his hand and volunteering to answer the questions during the class... something that he doesn't really do enough during physical lessons!

And if you are wondering if the lessons from EDOOVO are fun, unique and engaging, I think this photo will answer your question.

While my nephew was attending his Chinese lesson, both his other siblings (the older one being in P2) couldn't help but join in as well. 😂

Ditto when my niece was attending her Math class the next day!

Interactive & Fun Learning Platform

Oh, in case you are wondering, EDOOVO lessons are NOT conducted via Zoom sessions. In fact, they are held through their own interactive online classroom platform so everything is secure and private. All the child needs is a stable internet connection and a web browser on either a laptop or desktop. No downloading of any apps or additional software required.

And judging from the reactions of my nephew and niece, you will already know that the lessons consist of REAL-TIME teaching and NOT boring pre-recorded lessons. What this means is interaction between teacher and kids is immediate and spontaneous... which also explains why they are so eager to raise their hands to answer questions!

And because learning is done through an immersive experience, the lessons captivate the kids and ensure their maximum attention. And what better way to do that than with story-telling, which is used at the beginning of classes to better illustrate concepts so that kids are kept curious and interested in learning.

In addition, teachers employ kid-friendly user tools such as on-screen markers to let children answer questions in the online classroom so as to better facilitate learning.

Which kid doesn't love rewards??? To keep kids excited and eager to learn, animated stickers in the form of trophies and lollipops and star reward stickers can be collected during the course of the lessons. 

Ok, now I know why my niece was so eager to answer questions because that sheer look of excitement on her face after being awarded a reward sticker was priceless. 😁

Easy-to-use & Comprehensive Parent Dashboard

EDOOVO is not just a classroom, it is a holistic learning platform.

Because the virtual lessons are only part of what the entire EDOOVO platform offers. Parents can make the best out of their child’s learning anytime, anywhere with its online learning platform.

Not only can parents access EDOOVO's simple-to-use dashboard to view their child’s learning progress, they can also log onto the platform to let kids attempt more enrichment and even print out special assignments post-lessons.

These assignments are designed to complement what was taught in class, and also features fun activities which parents can play offline with their children! Simply print the assignments which are made available after the lesson, and reinforce the learnings even more.

In addition, video replay for lessons available within 24 hours once a specific lesson is completed - great for parents to see how their child is doing in class, and understand what is taught during class.

Small-Class by Quality Teachers

Of course, all of EDOOVO's engaging lessons will count for nothing if its teachers are not engaging.

All EDOOVO teachers are academically qualified and possess the right ounce of experience. Through its stringent recruitment process, every teacher is trained and assessed through a mock-lesson prior to starting their own lesson. So yes, your child will be in good hands.

Even better, each class is deliberately kept SMALL so that every child can get a better learning experience with greater attention. And this is especially so for pre-schoolers who crave for personalised attention. Fellow parents, you all know what I mean right? 😁

And remember what I said about EDOOVO's platform earlier? You can schedule your child’s lessons at a regular time with a dedicated teacher with just a convenient click of the mouse, because we all know how familiarity matters greatly to a child.


EDOOVO operates on a credit system where you purchase credits and use them to book for upcoming lessons. What this means is you DON'T have to enrol your child in a specific subject for a year!

Credits can be used across different courses of English, Chinese and Maths, and even up to 4 children within your family! “Little Whiz - Junior'' requires 1 credit for each lesson while “Little Whiz - Senior'' requires 2 credits for each lesson. 

What’s even better? Credits purchased can be used for up to FOUR different children in the same family under 1 credit wallet account!

Each year is divided into 4 terms, in which you can choose to enrol your child into a specific term and time slot. Every term will have a dedicated teacher.

To offer greater flexibility and convenience, parents are allowed to change their child’s time slot or class for any upcoming new term(s) by simply serving a minimum 2 weeks advance notice prior to the end of the current term! How's that for flexibility?

And when the credits have been used up, you can simply just perform a top-up to your Family Credit Wallet via the EDOOVO dashboard. Easy peasy!

Purchased credits will have a 1-year validity period from the date of payment.

Of course, 2 classes are not adequate enough for me (or my sister) to gauge my nephew's and niece's progress but in terms of eagerness to learn, the sessions with EDOOVO clearly did the job. Especially with the online dimension of the teaching providing a new, innovative, efficient and refreshing way of learning with interactive digital tools for the kids.

For us parents though, the best part of EDOOVO's classes is probably the convenient aspect of it - no more rushing all over the island for classes and having to contend with traffic and parking! 😁


If you ask me, the best time to sign up is now because EDOOVO is giving away FREE ADDITIONAL CREDITS for each sign-up!

EDOOVO is currently offering a one-time Stay Home Special Offer (free additional credits) for all new EDOOVO parents!

To be eligible for this offer, simply like and follow EDOOVO's Facebook page and register within 7 days of your trial class. What’s more - you will be given 4 extra credits for every successful referral which has enrolled into EDOOVO! That's good for FOUR Little Junior Whiz classes! 😉

EDOOVO is giving away ONE free trial class to all kids of Cheekiemonkies readers!!! 😄

To sign up for your FREE 1 TIME trial class, simply email enquiry@edoovo.com or drop a WhatsApp message to 96429606 with these details:

- Your name
- Your child's name and age
- PROMO CODE: cheekiemonkies

For more information, visit www.edoovo.com

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