Aug 10, 2021

For he-who-is-no-longer-fourteen-today, I want you to know this on your Birthday


In what is quickly becoming an annual tradition, Ayd celebrates his birthday today... yet again! He-who-is-no-longer-fourteen-today turns 15 today. And the moment I realized that this means he is a mere 6 years away from independence made me nearly throw up.

15 years ago today he came into my life who made me a Dad for a second time. These last 15 years have brought so much happiness and to see him go from a tiny baby to the little boy to the teen he is today makes me swell with pride.

Even though I am certain that not a single birthday of the monkies' will ever come around when it doesn’t take me by surprise, I am still amazzed at just how fast the months have passed. It feels like just moments ago since I last sat here, trying to find the words to pen a post for his 14th birthday during a COVID period and yet here we are, fifteen. FIFTEEN!

Partly due to the pandemic, WFH and HBL, this past year has allowed me to understand him a little deeper and made me admit to myself that he is no longer that tiny baby placed in my arms, nor the little boy who held my hand all of those years ago. Instead he has grown into the most incredible, lovable, generous and kind young man.

Sometimes, I just have to pinch myself to be certain that he is mine.

I've said it before and I will say it again - He never frets about the big stuff, never compares with others about stuff he has or doesn't have, and never holds grudges. He revels in the simple joys in life (like food, gaming, & YouTube), treats everyone geuninely and is the bridge among the three monkies.

He and Ash loves to game together while Ale and him always seem never to run our of things to talk. I have alway said that he is like the glue that holds the three of them together - when all of them are together, maniacal fun always follows. And it is such a joy for the wifey and me.

Ayd, on your 15th birthday, I want you to know that I love your curiosity, humour (even though it's warped sometimes), and your ability to assess a situation and make a decision. You think and process information in amazing and surprising ways.

Ayd, you are a deep thinker, and I love that about you. You ask good questions and you listen (most of the time). 

Ayd, you are a sensitive soul. You love deeply, you feel deeply, you hurt deeply. Always assume that others feel the same as well and treat them kindly.

Ayd, always be yourself. It is better to feel happy and content with a small group of friends (or alone!) than it is to feel stressed to fit into a large, noisy crowd.

Ayd, I want you to be successful. But I am not talking about your future career in monetary terms. More importantly, if you grow up healthy and happy, be a responsible and morally upright individual, love your family, you will be a success to me.

Ayd, whether it is 5, or 15, 25, 35 or beyond, Mummy and I will always love you. You are a bigger gift to us than I think you will ever know.

Happy 15th Birthday, Ayd.

Love ya,


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