Jan 11, 2022

Shop, Feast & Play at Suntec City, your one-stop Roarsome Mall for Auspicious Spring Celebrations this CNY!


After Christmas and the New Year, yet another round of festive celebrations is round the corner and you know what that means - shopping, feasting, keeping the kids occupied... all to welcome an Auspicious Spring!

Yes, Chinese New Year is less than 3 weeks away - oh my 天 , is it really that soon??? - which means that preparation should be well underway. And by preparation, I really mean spring-cleaning the home, stocking up on CNY goodies, and getting new clothes for the family to usher in the Year of the Tiger.

And trust me when I say do NOT leave your CNY shopping to the last minute. The good thing is Suntec City has got you covered this festive season, be it shopping, dining or playing. Because there is nothing like keeping everyone in the family entertained for the entire day while staying put in one location!

The entire mall is already decked out with CNY decorations, and the festive mood is truly in the air!

But you have got to be quick and roar down to Suntec City, your one-stop destination this CNY to score great shopping and dining deals, and redeem roarsome rewards to make your spending count for MORE this January and February.

From redeeming free parking coupons and red packets, to Mandarin Orange Carrier Bags and CNY Tiger Zodiac Plushies, to even going on a Red Packet Hunt to earn Suntec+ Points, Suntec City is where you want to be this CNY!

Heading down soon? Here are my top recommendations for CNY Shopping, Feasting ($50 for a family of 4!) and Playing at Suntec City!


Shopping for kids can be quite a headache, especially if you have older kids. But Suntec City is home to such a wide array of clothing stores that you can probably find one that suits your family needs. I brought the 3 kids to go shopping for CNY clothes and here are my three faves - even better if they have matchy-matchy clothes for both parents and kids!


West Wing, #01-348

Levi's is all about originality, quality and comfort. Well, that last bit is extremely important especially when you have teens in your household as they are notoriously difficult to please. 😅

And it certainly helped that Levi's had just brought in their new collections for CNY! 

So it turned out that my worries were unfounded as these three went about picking out their fave CNY clothing in the Levi's store. 

How do you like what we picked out for ourselves?

Looks like all of us got new clothes settled for both CNY days then!😁

Visit HERE to check out Levi's CNY styles!

West Wing, #01-382

I suppose one needs no introduction to UNIQLO. For one, the wifey ALWAYS buys new clothes from UNIQLO for all of us every CNY because they are comfy, affordable, and more often than not, we can go matchy-matchy!

Something like this. 😊

Nice, right?

In the Year of the Tiger, UNIQLO is celebrating new styles of togetherness with the launch of quality LifeWear essentials for everyone which means all of us can get ready for the festivities with UNIQLO LifeWear pieces that are perfect for family outfit coordination!

Personally, I love how comfortable UNIQLO’s Linen Short-Sleeved Shirt range is - the material is super soft and breathable which is perfect when going house-visiting. Of course, the bonus has to be the fact that fathers and sons can twin together too... something not only mothers and daughters can do! 

I love how smart both Ash and Ayd look in the linen shirts, and for the second day of CNY, they picked out the oversized tees - trending now in case you were wondering - together with UNIQLO’s signature comfy bermudas.

As for Ale, these were her choices for CNY Days 1 and 2.

As for myself, I reckon these 2 styles will do the trick. What do you say?

UNIQLO’s new CNY collection has launched and you can check out all the styles HERE.


West Wing, #01-339

Since its inception in 2006, PEDRO have launched both men’s & women’s collection of footwear and accessories. It has often been my go-to store when I am shopping for work shoes. But what I didn't know was PEDRO also made shoes for casual wear too... something both my teens wasted no time in testing out. 

Both Ash and Ayd are wearing the Tectonic Sneakers 

Okay, my tween too actually. 😆

Ale is wearing the Nylon Leather Casual Sneakers

Of course, the browsing continued as well.

And they finally picked out something that they liked.

Well, me too. I just couldn't resist, could I?
(I'm wearing the Nylon Sneakers by the way)

And while I was checking out PEDRO's range of bags and wallets, the kids were busy comparing whose shoes looked more pawsome for the upcoming Year of the Tiger.

You can check out PEDRO's new arrivals for Men HERE and for Women HERE.


Who says dining out has got to be a costly affair? At Suntec City, one can find affordable dining options at the various family-friendly restaurants within the mall.

So here are my 3 picks where a family of 4 can enjoy a meal for $50!

West Wing, #01-365

Tell me, which kid can resist PIZZA??? Certainly not my monkies!

GOPIZZA is a fast-food pizza chain that started off as a food truck in South Korea with the aim of developing a recipe for a personal-sized fast-food pizza which is quick, delicious, and affordable.

Besides carrying several Korean-inspired flavours, GOPIZZA also has a wide range of options, including classic flavours like Cheese, Hawaiian and Pepperoni as well as a selection of pastas. Pizzas start from $7.90 while pastas start from $6.90.

Families can go for the Duo Package (from $25.80) which comes with two pizzas, two sides and two drinks. We had the Ham and Cheddar Pizza and Korean Bulgogi Pizza (+$2) which were super delicious. 

Obviously, the Ham and Cheddar Pizza will always be a hit with kids but what surprised us was how yummy the Korean Bulgogi Pizza was! The pizza was cream-based, topped with white mushrooms, green peppers, and Korean marinated grilled beef, and drizzled with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. No wonder it is GOPIZZA’s signature pizza!

If your kids love pasta, you can order the Pasta Package (from $12.90) which comes with a pasta and a drink.

Ale chose the Carbonara Pasta (+$2) where the cream-based pasta was topped with turkey bacon, white mushrooms, and onions. There is also the option of adding a side by topping up $3.90 which we did, and let's just say the Teriyaki Chicken Box (7pcs) was such a hit with the kids that I only got a small bite.

In total, our bill came up to $46.60 and the food servings were enough for all 4 of us. In fact, one can just order the basic Duo Package (2 pizzas) and 2 basic Pasta Packages (2 pastas) for a total of $51.60 and there you have it, a meal for a family of 4 for approximately $50! Best of all, all the kids will love it!😁

Check out the full range of GOPIZZA's offering HERE.

Penang Place
West Wing, #02-314

Penang Place has been serving up authentic, quality & affordable Penang food with no pork or lard, for over 18 years. Known for its Penang Buffet which features favourites such as Penang Char Kway Teow, Assam Laksa, Hokkien Mee Noodle Soup, Beef Rendang, Kueh Kuehs, Chendol and much more, Penang Place also serves ala-carte dishes. 

And yes, there are also non-spicy items that cater to kids as well... as we found out.

If the pizza and pasta we had previously was heaven for the kids, this kind of food was heaven for me. 😍

Can I just say how much I missed heading to Penang and savouring all its glorious food??? So, I suppose Penang Place is the next best place for me to satisfy my Penang food cravings for now. And my word, it DOES satisfy to the max!

This was what we had - Penang Char Kway Teow, Penang Hokkien Mee, Ayam Percik Rice Set and Beef Rendang Rice Set. All for $50.07 (after GST)! More than enough for a family of 4, I'd say!

And the food was good! The standout for both Ash and Ayd was the Beef Rendang - the meat was so wonderfully tender and the rendang packed an ultra oomph without being overly spicy.

If your kids can't take spicy food, Penang Place also has a Kids' Menu with options like Fried Rice ($8.90), Nuggets & Fries ($7.90) and Fish & Chips ($9.90) which will even lower your final bill. #justsaying Oh, top up $1 and they get to enjoy a scoop of ice cream too!

Looks like I must bring the wifey back to Penang Place the next time!

Din Tai Fung
West Wing, #02-302

Again, I think Din Tai Fung needs no introduction. Almost every kid I know love their xiao long bao... mine included.

So, when the kids learnt that we were heading to Din Tai Fung, no prizes for guessing what their reactions were.

Can you tell from the above photo that the xiao long bao steam basket is ALREADY EMPTY??? That shows how much they couldn't wait BEFORE I could snap a photo of us. Lol.

We had the monkies' usual faves whenever we dine at Din Tai Fung - Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing ($4.80), Dry Noodle Tossed in Special Sauce with Fried Pork Chop ($13.80), Fried Rice with Shrimps & Eggs ($13), Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao (10 pcs for $10.30).

But we had the Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry ($8) for the first time and my word, all of us loved it! The pastry was so crispy, and everything just went so well with the sliced duck wrapped within.

Here's a disclosure: we ate at Din Tai Fung after our meals at GOPIZZA and Penang Place... which meant that the kids should be bursting at the seams by then.

But this happened.

What sorcery is this? Erm, actually none because as Ale put it, "It's Din Tai Fung leh, so cannot waste". 😂

And the total bill? $49.90 before GST. Indeed, the price of happiness need not be exorbitant.


Because all shopping and feasting can only entice the kids so much, one also needs to bring the element of fun to them and Suntec City is the perfect place to do so!

SuperPark Singapore
North Wing, #02-477

Billed as a super fun indoor adventure playground for both kids and adults, SuperPark Singapore is essentially like a gigantic adventure playground, game arena, and sports park all rolled into one for just a single ticket price. 

SuperPark is meant for the entire family – a place where toddlers, kids, teens and adults can all have fun in one park, whether you are scaling walls, jumping on trampolines or smashing balls at one another!

Be spoilt for choice with more than 20 sports-centric activities spread out over two massive levels to cater to guests of all ages, fitness, and skill levels! There is a new play addition, Archery; in addition to other popular ball games like Street Basketball, SuperBall, Street Soccer and BaseBall; interactive games like SuperHoop, SuperPinBall, Valo Jump, Hot Stepper and adrenaline rushed games like Trampoline, Skate & Scoot, Flying Fox, SuperClimb and Tube Slide, amongst others.

Parents with toddlers or pre-schoolers can now bond together at the newly expanded Kids’ Gym filled with a soft play obstacle course, a small climbing wall, and the signature Sliding Mountain. Young wheels-lovers will also be pleased to know that tricycles are now an option at the hugely popular Pedal Car Track.

For more information on SuperPark Singapore, you can read my previous review HERE.

Umistrong Art Hub
East Wing, #03-344

Established in 2014, Umistrong Art Hub has transformed from a supplier of art materials to one-stop art hub that provide classes for children and adults in pottery, ceramic and fine arts.

The first thing that struck me when I entered the retail store at Suntec City was that it is HUGE!

Not only does Umistrong carry a wide range of arts supplies such as Watercolour, Oil colour, Acrylic paint, Fabric Paint, Crayon, Spray, Stationery, Canvas & Board, Sketch book, Studio Easels, Clay, Brushes - you get the idea- it also houses pottery and painting studios where lessons are conducted regularly.

This CNY, Umistrong is conducting CNY art workshops where participants will get to create their own CNY-themed tote bag and canvas panel.

Under the watchful eye of Umistrong's teacher, the monkies started working on their CNY canvas artwork.

As you can see, nothing too difficult as the teacher was around to guide them along, whether it is the blending of colours or the shaping of the tangerines.

A pity we did not have enough time to complete the tote bag - Umistrong showed us the completed version of the CNY-themed tote bag and I thought it will make a nice bag for all the mandarin oranges and angpows during CNY visits!😆

The 1-hour workshop costs $38/person. You can pick dates between 7th Jan and 15th Feb 2022, but slots are limited!

Overall, definitely a great family bonding activity... and best of all, you get to bring home your artwork to add to the festive CNY decorations in your home!

For more information on Umistrong's CNY workshops, visit HERE.

State Swim Swimming Schools
North Wing, #04-02 (Access via Lobby M)

Hands up if you knew that Suntec City has a swimming pool. 

Neither did I.

Hailing from Australia, State Swim Swimming Schools is a swimming school for both kids and adults. For over 50 years, State Swim Swimming Schools have strived to deliver only the highest quality aquatic education programs, using a unique combination of progressive and intuitive teaching approaches, to help its students discover a love for swimming as well as safety in and around the water.

That’s why the swim school has designed its programs to help all babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and yes, even adults to achieve the goal of becoming stronger and safer swimmers.

Not only does State Swim Swimming School have beginner swim classes for toddlers and kids, they also have classes for adults above 18 years old, and even for frequent swimmers too. Something that the monkies had a sampling of.

And I was pretty impressed. In the short time that the swim instructor, Tana, spent with them, they managed to learn and correct their freestyle technique!

If you are looking for a swim class for your child, you may wish to check out State Swim Swimming Schools' swimming programmes because not only will your child be in good hands, you can while away the time by shopping or having some me-time at a cafe at Suntec City! 😉


Red Packet Hunt

Want to let the kids earn more angpow money this CNY? Then go on a Red Packet Hunt at Suntec City!

There will be QR codes on large red packets displayed at 8 spots around the mall. All you have to do is to track down the red packets and scan the QR code on them using your Suntec+ App.

For every red packet QR code scanned, you will automatically be credited with 888 Suntec+ Points! If you do manage to hunt down all 8 QR codes, you will potentially receive more than 7,000 Suntec+ Points in total! Really huat huat!!

However, do note that each QR code is only limited to 888 redemptions and you have to stay tuned to Suntec City's social media platforms to receive hints on their locations within Suntec City. 

TIP: Watch out for my upcoming IG stories as I will give away 2 Red Packet locations for FREE!

Zodiac Predictions

North Wing, Level 1 (in front of PasarBella)

Get a sneak peek into the Zodiac predictions for the upcoming year!

I've got mine. 😁

Valentine’s Day Photo Opportunity Contest

MORE HUAT here! 

Snap and upload your most creative shot taken at Suntec City’s LOVE photo display with #SuntecVDAY2022 on Facebook or Instagram and stand to win 28,888 Suntec+ Points (worth $28.88)! 

10 winners will be picked based on their creativity. Remember to tag Suntec City, follow Suntec City and set your account to public on the respective social media platforms!

Spend and Redeem Promotions 

With min. spend of $88

- Auspicious Red Packets, AND

- $2.80 Parking Coupon OR 3,000 Suntec+ Points

With min. spend of $108

- Mandarin Orange Carrier Bag,

- Auspicious Red Packets, AND

- $2.80 Parking Coupon OR 3,000 Suntec+ Points

With min. spend of $188

- Tiger Zodiac Plush,

- Mandarin Orange Carrier Bag,

- Auspicious Red Packets, AND

- $2.80 Parking Coupon OR 3,000 Suntec+ Points

Additional vouchers for Citi Credit Cardmembers!

Receive a $10 Suntec City e-Voucher with a minimum spend of $288 or $20 Suntec City e-Voucher with a minimum spend of $508. Click here for full T&Cs.

Score even MORE deals via the Suntec+ App

Keep a lookout for Flash Sales, exclusive FREE deals, Members' Day (19 Jan & 16 Feb 2022) and enjoy 22% OFF all pickup food orders - all via the Suntec+ App!

And if you have yet to download the Suntec+ App, here's another reason to do so - Receive 2,000 Suntec+ Points (worth $2) with the promocode 'SPRING2K' as a new user! What are you waiting for? 😉


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