Aug 10, 2022

Happy Birthday Ayd! (otherwise known as 'Another monkie turns 16 & I'm feeling emo)


And there goes another one.

Another one who reached the 16-year-old milestone. Today.

Every year, I find myself asking the same question: How on earth did time pass so freaking fast??? Which is why I write a post every year on each of my kids' birthday because time is a funny and tricky thing.

Ayd turns 16 years old today. It has been such an amazing experience being his Dad these past 16 years and I want to let him know this:


Dear Ayd,

You are such a blessing to my life and I love watching you grow into the man you are becoming. 

I remember the day you were born. From the first time you were placed in my arms, you have been such an easy baby to look after. You ate, slept and even pooped with minimal fuss, and was always offering a smile for everyone, 

I remember your first day at pre-school. I bade you farewell at the door, and just waved goodbye, turned around and trooped into the classroom. I was hoping you would turn back but you simply went on with school life. No tears, no fights, no fuss yet again.

I remember your first day at primary school. Again, there was only excitement as you had been eagerly looking forward to finally joining your older brother in the same school. In fact, you were most excited about checking out the canteen food during recess time! 

I remember your first day at secondary school. You were a bundle of joy and anticipation as you got into the school of your choice. You knew you would love every single minute of seconday school life and you were right.

Today, you turn 16.

You are a kind-hearted young man who brings Mummy and me so much pride. I know your brother and sister could never have asked for a better brother than you. I know I sound like a broken record when I say it seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms as a newborn but it really does feel time has just whizzed by. Now all grown up, at 16 years old, you are getting ready to go off in the world and start your own life.

And that lies my greatest lesson. Because through you (and your older brother), I am learning how to let go as I come to terms that you are now more independent than ever before.

I am learning how to accept that you are able to make decisions on your own now. I am learning that I am your guide and not your owner (even though I’d like to be many times 😅). I am learning to support you on the sidelines and cheer you on, even if that means having to see you fall and pick yourself up again on your own.

Ayd, you are a wonderful son, brother and grandson, with a heart bigger than most. You are a wonderful blessing to me, to your Mummy, and everyone else. Happy 16th birthday, son!



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