Apr 30, 2009

We heart swimming

One thing that kor-kor & I really absolutely love now is going swimming... swimming... swimming and more swimming!

Usually for weekends, kor-kor will always ask to go swimming whenever he sees that it's a sunny day. And that's on top of our weekly Sunday swimming lesson.

And kor-kor's smarter now too... he also throws in a request that the swimming pool must have a slide too! Hahaha...

I'm still not quite a fan of the slide yet. If I do get on it, I will always want kor-kor to sit on it with me, so that I can hug him really tight from behind and off we plunge into the water together.

What I really dig is swimming underwater from one point to the other.

Kor-kor also loves swimming underwater... he's learning how to come up for air while swimming now; something I can't do it as yet. 'Cos I still need to brush up on my kicking I think. Heh.

Of course, the other great part of going to the pool is to just... erm, simply splash water around and have loads of splashing fun!

And when we go to Kong-kong's & Por-por's house every Sunday, kor-kor will sometimes ask Kong-kong to bring us go swimming too! Haha! Not that I'm complaining of course.

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Anonymous said...

hi, i'm looking for a good swimming coach. where do ashton and ayden learn swimming?

Ash&Ayd said...


we go to Marsden Swim School at Turf City for swimming lessons.

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