Jan 10, 2005

Admitted to hospital

It's a sad day today. Ash went for his routine neonatal checkup and was told that his jaundice level had worsened. It is now 16.3 mg/dl. When he was discharged, it was about 10 mg/dl. Dr Ong asked that he be admitted for photo-therapy session.

Seeing him placed under the blue light, stripped to nothing except for a pair of "sunglasses", tears just welled up involuntarily. He looked so tiny and helpless. Wish I could have taken his place. Would he miss us being all alone in the hospital?

At that instant, I realised that I love him loads! I myself was surprised that I'm so attached to him in a mere 7 days. He means the world to me!

Looking on the bright side, we can have uninterrupted sleep for 2 nights!

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