Jan 7, 2005

Yellow alert!

Day two at home. I had a good night last night. I fell asleep at about 10pm, after feeding and with lullaby playing in the background.

Rise and shine... the day is fine and guess what, I've got to go sun tan today. Dr Ong, my paediatrician says that I've got slight jaundice and asked that I go for sun-tanning every morning and evening.

Grandma brought me to the roof top garden for sun-tanning in the morning and daddy brought me for a walk in the eveing. I'm going to be a hunk with all this tanning, small, chubby and tnned :) Not too bad, I get to see the trees and hear the birds chirping during my tan sessions too. What a beautiful day.

This is my favourite sun-tanning pose... and sleeping pose for that matter.

My fav pose at the moment. See how big the newborn diapers are on me!

My amby cot doubling as my tan chair when the day is not too fine. Silly mummy forgot to cut out the hospital tag on my arm!!

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