Jan 6, 2005

Home Sweet Home

After 3 nights in the hospital nursery, I have to say goodbye to my other friends and head home. Though I'm a bit apprehensive, but at the same time very eager to see how my new home looks like. I know how it sounds like though, have heard the sounds when I was in my womb home.

The nurses briefed mummy on how to take care of me, then they carried me, together with mummy, daddy and grandma accompanying along, to the car. Now, we're heading home....

Hey, the music emitting from the radio in the car sounds familiar, that's daddy's ah-beng music. Haha, the first sense of familiarity :)

Below is a picture of my Amby Cot, courtesy of Uncle Yippy (one of daddy's best buddies). It sure looks like a modernised sarong. Hmmm, one sleep in it, and I can tell you, it feels heavenly. It feels exactly like when I was in my womb home, all snug and secured.

Haha, cos I'm so tiny at the moment, the cot looks quite huge with me in it :)

Me lying all bundled up on my play pen

The place I sleep in at night

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