Jan 20, 2005

Liver Function Test

Kel's mum observed that Ash's jaundice seemed to have worsened and asked that we bring him to the paed for a check-up. True enough at the paed, they found that his bilirubin level had increased.

The paed gave us two options, to send Ash for a Liver Function Test to assure ourselves that his liver is fine or to wait for another week, and if his jaundice level is still not down, then go for the test. We decided that Ash should just go for the test now, so that all will have a peace of mind.

At the lab, the nurse took three vials of Ash's blood via his small little hands. So poor thing, the veins in his hands are so tiny and frail and he had to be subjected to such pain at this young age. At this point, I have half a mind to stop breastfeeding cos ironically, breastmilk does cause jaundice in some infants.

Instead of having a peace of mind that we wished for, the nurses called during late evening to inform that the test results has returned with abnormally high readings, which could indicate some malfunctioning of Ash's liver. The worse thing is that tomorrow is a public holiday and we can only get to see the paed on Mon.

This seems like the longest weekend ever. The waiting is worse than the feeling I get when waiting for my exam results.

Keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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