Feb 16, 2005

The first jab

Ash went for his first out of three of his 6-in-1 jab today at Thomson Medical Centre. I was so not looking forward to it. After the jaundice incident, when he had so many jabs to take his blood, another one would be one too many. However, don't suppose he can escape these compulsory jabs though, it is supposed to be for his own good.

However, he surprised me by being so brave. He only whimpered slightly after the jab was inserted into him, that's all! And the whimper cameabout 5 seconds after the jab was given, is that delayed reaction or what!

He came down with a slight fever of 37.5 degree celsius and we fed him medicine using the syringe. Of course, daddy the steady hand, is the one to administer the dosage ...

He slept through the night (the medicine must have knocked him out) and woke up fine and dandy the next day.

One down, two more jabs to go!

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