Feb 20, 2005

Bath time

Ash's favourite time of the day, other than makaning time, has to be bath time. He simply loves water, even when he was merely few days old. Never once has he cried when he's in the water. Everytime he's placed on the changing table, he will smile really widely, as if anticipating his bath. We were just joking that we should bath him everytime he cries.

Bath time is bonding time with daddy. I have a feeling he likes daddy to bath him more than mummy. Probably cos daddy does silly games with him and sings him funny self-made songs... haha. Mummy is just boring, singing him the same traditional bath song like "row row row your boat"... hehe.

Surprising, Kel is really good at bathing the little one. Don't be deceived by his large hands :)He is an expert at flipping the little one over to wash his back, something like flipping a prata from what I see :)

Check out my tummy... same as daddy!

See I can sit!

All nice and clean with my fav man!

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