Feb 27, 2005

My new toys

Mummy and daddy left me at grandma's place today cos they went pak-tor. Not that I mind cos Grandma gives me her undivided attention and she talks and sings beautiful songs to me.

Also.... I get to have new toys when daddy and mummy goes shopping without me. Hehe, it must be becos they miss me and feel guilty about leaving me behind.

Let me introduce you to my new toys... Smiley the caterpillar and Jester the dog (cos he is so colourful like a clown). Every segment of Smiley makes a different sound, some bell-like, some horn-like and other crinkly sounds. The legs are for me when I'm teething

Baileys also has a new toy like me. His is also a caterpillar, though it's a smaller version. No wonder Baileys is always so cnfused, taking my toy as his!

Mummy and daddy bought me this new rocking chair too cos I didn't want to sit in my Kiddy Palace bouncer. Hmph, elitist lah, I jsut wanted to sit in a more branded chair. This rocker is really comfortable. Not only does it rock, it also comes in vibrating mode where it is supposed to simulate the movement of the moving vehicle. I like!

Looking all demure :P

so comfortable the chair, just right for me to eat my lollipop!

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