Mar 28, 2005

Going to the wedding dinner

I'm all dressed up for my very first wedding dinner. Daddy dressed me like this cos he said it looks very beng... and he likes it... cos he's a beng wannabe :P Actually, daddy bought me this attire for chinese new year but I couldn't wear it then. Daddy's so hgappy when I can fit into it now!

I know mummy and daddy are very anxious, keeping their fingers crossed that I would behave well during the dinner. To prepare for the wedding dinner, mummy made me sleep the whole afternoon cos she said that I would be cranky if I do not get anough sleep.

In any case, I was on my best behavious all throughout the dinner. I didn't cry at all. In fact, I'm very happy cos I'm being carried round the tables by many aunties and uncles.... hehe, as if I'm the star. I even got into several round the tables pics :)

Don't I look like a singer in this pose!

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