May 30, 2005

ECP Escapade

Yesterday, Daddy & Mummy brought me to East Coast Park to jalan-jalan. I haven't been there before, so I was so excited and so ready to see a brand new place.

But along the way, I fell asleep in the car...

So when I woke up and took my first picture by the beach, I looked a bit grumpy lah...hee.

Gradually I warmed up and started to take in the sights and sounds.

There were so many people there on a Sunday morning! There were people roller-blading, cycling, walking with dogs, etc...and people camping over at the park too!

So I basically just nuah-ed in my pram under the morning sun; which isn't too bad 'cos it's a lazy sunday morning anyway. Heh.

After a while, I got bored. Really bored.

So I chewed on my aeroplane toy.

Which tasted kind of nice.

And after that, I got bored. Again.

And I got grumpy. Again.

So Mummy had to carry me to pacify me. :P

All hail King Ash! Muahahahahaha.....

Soon it was time to go home. Not a bad experience overall, though I guess I became a bit cranky towards the end...Hee hee. But what to do, a baby needs his sleep mah.

On reaching home, nothing beats having a nice warm bath after a sweaty morning!

Then it's time to orh-orh already....nite nite everyone!!!

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