Jun 1, 2005

Finding Nemo?

I usually go to bed at about 9pm. But these past nights, I have been sleeping much later, like erm...around 11pm. I also dunno why leh...just can't get to sleep earlier. Haiz...

As a result, I've been crying more at night because I'm feeling tired, but I just can't get to sleep. I know I know, pretty dumb right? :P But babies just can't help it!

So poor Daddy has to bring carry me around the house to calm me down first. And my current fave part of the house is the marine fish tank! I like to watch the colourful fishes swimming around; it has a relaxing feeling. Hee.

My eyes dart around as the fishes swim by. But strangely, I can't seem to find Nemo...only Dory.... :)

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Anonymous said...

hahaaa!! yeaa finally im seeing ashton's blog.. vvv interesting.. so many pictures too!! haha.. ashton, ur daddy mommy spent alot of effort n time capturing ur growing moments know? =)

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures - at last!

Anonymous said...

The fish tank looks interesting. Marine fish must take a lot of time and effort!

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