Sep 22, 2005


Went for a photoshoot for some baby of the month contest yesterday. Daddy & Mummy thought it would be nice for me to get some exposure; just to see how I would react in front of the camera. :P

The shoot went very well I must say. Hee hee... I just sat there, against a white backdrop and smiled & laughed whenever Daddy made some funny sounds. The whole time the photographer was clicking away, I was just sitting at my spot obediently and looking at the camera. Which prompted the photographer to comment that I was so easy to photograph! Somemore so easy to laugh...Hahaha...Can't wait to see the photos next week! :)

Yep, I wore these set of clothes for my shoot yesterday... shuai or not? Heh.

Amazingly, I only slept for 1 hour in the daytime yesterday...and I was still in a fabulous mood!

After lunch, Daddy & Mummy brought me to Toys'R'Us to jalan-jalan.

See? I can sit in the shopping trolley on my own liao. Daddy & Mummy are so relieved that they can give their arms a rest...IF I don't cry that is. Hur hur hur...

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Could you update me when there is baby contest? I would love to enter Ainsley if possible. :)

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