Oct 25, 2005

Waking up & Standing up

Nowadays, I seem to be waking up early...way TOO early in fact according to Daddy & Mummy. Actually, I think it's because it deprives them of their sleep lah...HAHAHA. Sometimes, I wake up at 5.40am (!!!) but mostly, I open my eyes at about 6-ish in the early morning.

I also dunno how come I wake up so early leh...maybe it's because Daddy & Mummy always leaves the house at about 6.50am to send me to Grandma's place in the weekdays. I overheard Mummy telling Daddy that maybe if they pretend to be still asleep, I'll drift off to sleep too. HAHAHAHA...they wait long long ah... :P

I'm able to stand up on my own much longer liao. In fact, I love to grab whatever object is in front of me and use it to pull myself up. Which understandably is causing panic among the adults...hee hee... 'cos for example, I love to pull the standing fan towards me so that I can stand up. I know what you are saying lah, the fan confirm drop on me one. Grandma say before already...but I haven't study physics yet mah, so I don't know lor... Heh.

And when I'm standing upright, I don't like anyone to keep holding on to me. I'll try to shake away the adult's hand because I want to stand on my own. So garang hor? I also think so leh. :) But usually, I can only last standing unassisted for about 15 seconds lah. BUT I'm trying to better my personal best! Hee...

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