Dec 31, 2005

1st Birthday Celebrations: Day Three

Day 3 was still a public holiday but we had no guests to entertain 'cos it was just a day to relak and nuah.

Like the previous night, I did not really have a good sleep again. Woke up quite a number of times; think it must really have been the unfamiliar bed that I was sleeping on. Hee.

So anyway, I woke up at about 9am and had my breakfast on my bike. It's getting more and more difficult to feed me, because I always squirm around and Daddy or Mummy have to aim the spoon properly so that it goes into my mouth, not up my nostrils. Hahaha...

So as evidence to show my faithful readers, Daddy took lots of photos of me in action again, climbing and turning in my bike seat during feeding time. Daddy also helped me put on my party hat (which I absolutely hate 'cos I simply don't like things on my head be it a cap or bird poo :P). Actually hor, the party hat was meant for my party the day before wan, but silly Mummy was so forgetful that she forgot to distribute the hats to the other kids & babies who were present. Heh heh...So I have plenty of hats now!

Here's me, in a classic ah beng pose. :P

After rest rest a bit, I went for my long overdue swimming session.

There was this little baby girl there too, who was about 2 months younger than me. It was her first time being put into the swimming pool, so of course being the more experience one, I had to act macho and show her the ropes. Just kidding. But she did play with my water toys though (although she never ask me leh). But I still let her play lor 'cos sekali if I snatch back she cry ah...hee hee...

It was really a fun time playing with the water and I was happily splashing the water everywhere, including onto my face. So here are some more pictures of me frolicking in the water... :)

Overall it had been a fun 3 days, with lots of people, food and of course PRESENTS! Hahaha... But I think Daddy & Mummy must be really tired from all the fanfare, 'cos when I asked them about my 2nd birthday when we were in bed together, they just snored very loudly. Hmmm...

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