Dec 30, 2005

1st Birthday Celebrations: Day Two

I didn't really sleep well during the 1st night at the chalet, probably because I was sleeping in a foreign room on a foreign bed. So somehow the smell of the mattress just wasn't right. I woke up quite a few times in the middle of the night, but there was this particular bad one where I woke up crying very loudly. So Daddy had to carry me and pat me back to sleep.

But I wasn't going to let this affect my 2nd day! Hee hee...

I woke up at about 9am, had breakfast with Daddy, Mummy, Kong-kong & Por-por and I was raring to explore the resort - on my trusty bike that Kong-kong had brought to the chalet for me! :)

Yep, I sure was in high spirits and I kept turning the bike handles to and fro just so to let Daddy know that I was waiting impatiently for him to bring me around the resort. Hahaha...

Daddy brought me to the beach first, and I just sat quietly in my bike looking at the people and things around me. There were lots of people camping by the beach, with the occasional people fishing at the breakwaters. The sea breeze was shiok too, and luckily the sun wasn't shining too strongly.

Perfect for a morning tan. :P

And as expected, Daddy went bonkers with his digicam - again. And this time, he took so many photos of me sticking my tongue out; so unglam right??? I told him not to put the photos on my blog liao, but Daddy bo hiew me...

Oh, and in case you are wondering about the mark on my forehead between the's a cut I got last week at Grandma's place when I fell down while standing and hit myself on a basket. I know, not handsome liao...heng the scar went away already. Hee.

From the beach, we headed onto the kids' playroom at the resort. There were so many things to play there - got a slide, swing, obstacles that you can climb up & down and also an area filled with colourful balls. Since I'm not that mobile yet, Daddy placed me in the balls area and just watched me attempt to 'swim' through the balls.

Soon it was time to go back for my afternoon nap. And this time, my body was more cooperative compared to the day before - I slept for one hour. :P

Day 2 was for Daddy's & Mummy's friends and they were scheduled to arrive from 5pm onwards. Mummy told me that we would be expecting quite number of babies as well, which is great 'cos I just love interacting and playing with them! So fun!

And so, we proceeded to cut my 2nd cake of the week! :)

This cake also very nice hor? I like my name being spelt out at the side of the cake using cookies; that's a really yummy idea! Hee... Speaking of yummy, the cake is a chocolate-banana cake and everyone who ate the cake gave it 2 thumbs up! Some even went for second helpings wonder got none left for me lah. As usual.

As like the previous night, everyone also sang the 'Happy Birthday' anthem to me, while Mummy was my designated official candle-blower again. Hee. Daddy guided me to cut my cake and this time, not so sim tia lah; 'cos got no Elmo head to cut. Hahaha... And yet again, I got to taste a bit of the cake, though I wanted one whole slice initially. :P

As the night wore on, I was getting more and more sleepy liao. According to Mummy, I was acting like a drunkard; falling on my face while crawling halfway. Now I think back, it does look funny. So that was why some of the adults were laughing at me that night lah...hmph!

So bopian lor, I've got to go hug my bolster and sleep. BUT not before taking a look at my presents collected for the 2nd day! Heh heh...

OOH...can't wait to open my presents! :)

Part 3 coming right up: The final day of my chalet getaway (where I went for my long overdue swim and hooked up with a babe - again! :P).

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mother hen said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Ashton! Lurve your birthday cake! Is the cake shop from waterloo street? Can you be so kind to ask your mama or papa to pass me the contact of your chocolate cake?

Cheekiemonkies said...

We got the cake from Choc-a-bloc. Their website is

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