Dec 13, 2005

BZ Saturday: Snip snip snip!

And so, it was off to Suntec to cut my precious hair...

When we reached there, there were 2 babies waiting in the queue. So Daddy & Mummy brought me to these newly-opened ELC toy shop to while away the time.

WAH! There got so many nice toys you know...the people there very nice ah, got open quite a lot of toys for me to sample. Hee hee... So Daddy & Mummy left me in this playarea thingy for me to explore these new toys. :)

But my fave toy at the store has got to be this baby walker. I was having so much fun pushing it around (with Mummy's help of course) the store. I think it's because the walker was at the correct level for me and so I had a fun and easy time zipping around the store. Hee... See how much fun I'm having? :p

But after some time, Mr. 'Wet Blanket' Daddy said we got to go off to cut my hair liao. Haiz... So me had to say goodbye to the walker. I quite like it you know. (HINT HINT!!! Hahaha...)

Ok, so back to the main event of the day.

I was put on this high chair, elevated with a thick cushion for my hair-cutting ceremony with Mummy supporting my arms by the side. This nice auntie brought me some toys to keep me occupied and proceeded to cover me with this green sheet, wrap me til machiam bak-chang like that...

Hey, wait a minute! How come she never show me those japanese magazines to ask me choose my hairstyle har??? She just asked Mummy how short does she want my hair to be leh...never even seek my opinion. How can like that? My hair leh... Haiz, bopian lor, I just sit there and suck thumb.

And so, it begins.

I was quite alright at first. But soon, I realised that this green sheet was irritating me, 'cos I don't want to be a bak-chang anymore! So I was trying to peel it away from me. Hahaha... So in the end, I won (abuthen right?) and Daddy & Mummy removed the green sheet. Hee.

Actually hor, cut hair where got fun? Got so much hair fall onto my face and tickle me only ah. Somemore my T-shirt also collected lots of my hair...heng Daddy brought extra change of clothing for me. And also luckily, the whole ordeal only lasted for about 15 minutes. :p

Finally it was over. And I had a good look in the mirror.

How do I look?

A bit short right??? I think Daddy & Mummy must be hoping that the haircut will last me til Chinese New Year. Heh heh... So cheapskate frugal right? Told them should have let me choose the hairstyle lah... Now so short also cannot gel ah... :P

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Sharwyn and Shaynnen said...

*whistle*whistle*.....Ashton now looks so boyish handsome.....add a bit of tan....and he wl be sweeping the girls off the floor...hahahaha. The new haircut looks great....and he looks more cheeky looking now....

Cheekiemonkies said...

thanks for all ur compliments! *blush*

hi auntie celine...yah, of course you can link me on ur blog! :) thanks thanks!

FishyOct said...

Hi ashton mummy

been reading your blog almost daily too. Yes, I also started blogging, was motivated to start one since i been your loyal fan.

we are staying near too ;) catch you around

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