Dec 14, 2005

Pasta Merlion

Over the weekend, Mummy decided to cook something different for me. Instead of the usual porridge that I'm used to eating everyday, she chose to go Italian and tried cooking pasta for me. I don't really know what that is lah... but I was reassured that it will taste good. That's the most important thing. :)

Mummy told me for the pasta sauce, quite a lot of stuff went into it. Like tomato, minced pork, tofu, egg yolk and cheese. Wah, hear already saliva also flow out already ah... Hee...

After Mummy mashed up the pasta and added it into the sauce, it was ready to makan.

Hmmm... doesn't look very yummy hor?

So I warily took a mouthful from the spoon...

It was nice! 'Cos especially it has cheese in it, which is one of my favourite foods at the moment. Hee hee... So there I was happily eating it, when suddenly I felt that I had to cough. Which I did, and unfortunately part of my pasta lunch also came out together with the cough. Oops.

Luckily I didn't vomit out ALL of my pasta lunch lah; if I did, it would have distressed Mummy completely. Hahaha... I think next time the pasta may have to be more mashy then can liao. :)

Overall, a commendable effort from Mummy & me! Heh... I'm game to have another go this weekend! What say you, Mummy? :p

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Nausicaa said...

This looks interesting. Next time mommy cooks tell her to save a bowl for ur gf ainsley ok? ;p

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