Dec 4, 2005


Since I had kept my promise by sleeping for 1.5 hours in the afternoon yesterday, Daddy & Mummy also kept their side of the bargain by bringing me down to Orchard Road to see the Christmas Light-up. :)

The lights were so dazzling and pretty! So many lights to see...and there was this big big big X'mas tree in Ngee Ann City. Wah, it was high...make me tilt my head up until my neck cramp ah...hee hee...

And I think the decoration balls on the tree already bigger than my head liao...hahaha. I wanted to touch the colourful balls but Daddy say cannot, 'cos got electricity. What a spoilsport. :p

After makan, we headed out onto the main road to see the lightings. There so many people!!! I was actually sitting in my pram; but soon I was protesting violently 'cos I wanted to see lights, not some other people's backsides! Hahaha... So Daddy had to carry me to give me a better view. Hee, the perks of being a shortie-pants. :P

I think the nicest Christmas design has got to be the Centrepoint one (above). It is just so colourful and also has so many giant M&M's! A lot of people were also taking photos in front of the decoration. Think they must also like M&M's too. Hee.

Another highlight was the huge fountain outside Takashimaya. In case you didn't know by now, I love water! I can bathe for the longest time, and when Daddy or Mummy takes me out of the bathtub, I'll just cry. Everytime. Hahaha... Yep, I love playing with water that much.

So anyway, Daddy & Mummy had a chance to sit down and rest, while I just stood in front of the fountain, staring at it. I wanted to ask Daddy if I could take a dip in it; but I realised I didn't bring any change of clothes. So maybe next time then. Hahaha...

It was a fun many sights and sounds to absorb. Only disappointing thing was that Daddy & Mummy didn't buy any presents for me leh...Heh.

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