Dec 3, 2005

NEW Friends times many many!

Today, I made a whole lot of new friends! Yippee!

All thanks to Baby Ainsley's Mummy, there's a yahoo groups network of mummies now. Most of them stay in the north-eastern part of Singapore me think.

And so, most of them decided to meet up this morning. How very exciting! :)

Mummy voulunteered our house as the meeting spot (Actually hor, it's because I wanted to sleep more lah, so lazy to travel out lor...hee hee...).

10.30am was the meeting time. And look how many babies turned up!!!

Heh heh...Can you find me??? :p

I'm somewhere in the middle lah; oblivious to the commotion around me, just sucking my orange toy contentedly. Hahaha...

I tried counting the number of babies present, but I always got stuck at 1. So bopian, I have to ask Daddy to help me out. He reported that there were 11 babies and 13 adults in all! No wonder my playmat was over-spilling with babies...Hee hee...

I tried to be a good host and took out my toys one by one from my toybox, so that all my newfound friends can play together. Daddy & Mummy were pleased with me, I think. :P

Let's see if I can remember the names of my friends...there's Baby Ainsley, Baby Sharwyn (right), Baby Shayne, Baby Oliver, Baby Jolene (right, wearing yellow in background), Baby Rhyan, Baby Lavinia, Baby Chole, Baby Kendrick (right, beside Baby Jolene) and Baby Tin Hang. Phew! That's a lot of names...heh.

Me & Baby Ainsley, taking a breather from all the playing. :P

It was a really fun morning! Hope we can do this again sometime... :)

*YAWN* All these playing has made me sleepy...think I gotta go take my afternoon nap now. I better be a good boy and go koon first 'cos I heard Daddy & Mummy say that they are bringing me to Orchard Road to look at the Christmas light-ups tonight. WOO HOO!!!

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Cheekiemonkies said...

No prob! It was fun for us too...hope to have another gathering sometime again! :)

Anonymous said...

Yah, wondering when we can gettogether. Maybe will have to be after the festive seasons. :)

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