Dec 21, 2005

So exciting!

I'll be celebrating my ONE year old birthday this coming weekend! WOOHOO!

Actually, my birthday is on 3rd Jan 2006 lah, but Daddy & Mummy decided to bring the celebrations forward since it's a festive period and it's a perfect excuse for a Christmas party too! Suibian long as got PRESENTS & yummy CAKE can already! Hee...

So we'll all be going to a chalet for my birthday party (hope the bed is comfy there...heh) and we'll have 2 parties! Saturday is for family & relatives while Sunday is for Daddy's & Mummy's friends. Mummy says there'll be quite a few babies attending too (not to mention a few preggy mummies! :P), so me think it'll be lots of fun! Yippee!

Can't wait can't wait can't wait! :P

Ok ok ok, on a totally different note, here are some photos taken last month. As you can probably notice, my hair was still long then. Heh.

We were at Suntec (again) when we came across this nice little swing at the children's level. So Daddy promptly plopped me down on it.

I quite enjoyed it lah, as evident from the photos. Only thing was that Daddy didn't bring his digicam along, but how can miss a photo-taking opportunity right??? So Daddy had to just make do with his camera phone (again). Hee hee...

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