Jan 17, 2006

Baby-friendly restaurant?

Daddy & Mummy decided to try out this restaurant at United Square, since it is touted to be quite a baby-friendly place. It's called Globetrotter, erm...or is that Globetrotters? Hahaha...dunno got 's' or not lah...my tiny brain can't remember that many details yet, so I'm forgiven yah? Hee hee...

Daddy says he thinks it's opened by the same people who opened PastaMania, and it really has a huge playroom, just for kids!

Yupp, it's really quite big lah...got a big slide, a big car, and many other toys for me to play with. And their waiters & waiteresses are really nice! They'll offer to babysit the babies/kids while the adults are munching on their food. Which as Daddy & Mummy will tell you, is a truly BIG BIG BIG help! Hahahaha... I know lah, I'm now like a tiny gooseberry to Daddy & Mummy, 'cos they'll usually have to take turns to makan most of the time. Heh heh... Well, it's just too bad I'm so attention-seeking huh? :P

So as you can see, I'm having quite a lot of fun in the playroom. Hee.

Our only gripe? The food lor. It really didn't taste good, at best it was just very normal. Hahaha... Daddy ordered the mashed potato for me, and it was quite hard and sticky. After a few mouthfuls, I wanted to get back to the playroom liao. Heh.

But all in all, it was pretty nice lah...at least there was something to keep me entertained while Daddy & Mummy were eating their not-so delicious food. HAHAHA...

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