Jan 20, 2006

Best-est friend

It seems lately I've been getting more & more attached to Daddy. Everywhere Daddy goes, I'll follow him. Everything Daddy does, I'll also want to do. Hahaha...

When I'm lying in my bed, trying to get to sleep, Daddy has to be on the bed with me. If he chut pattern and decides to sneak out of the room, let's say, to go to the kitchen, I'll find out really fast. And you know what I'll do? I'll crawl down the bed and crawl all the way out of the room to look for Daddy. Hee hee... Then he bopian lor, has to suck thumb and carry me back to the bed and STAY by my side til I fall asleep. Hahahaha... Or if Daddy really has to do something, like erm...bathe, I'll insist on sitting and waiting by the bathroom until he is done.

And speaking of sleeping, if I ever want to be carried to sleep, only Daddy's shoulder will do it for me (Sorry Mummy! :P). 'Cos his shoulder got more fats meat muscle lah, that's why machiam like sleeping on Dunlop pillow like that, so very the comfortable. Hee. And I'll drift off to sleep pretty fast, so I guess that's why Daddy's not complaining. Much.

Also, Daddy is usually the one who can pacify me quicker if I'm crying. Like there was this time when I slipped while trying to walk to a shelf. I ended up falling down and knocking my head on the shelf (PAIN!). Of course I cried lor, plus somemore got a small bump on my forehead ah; make me look like luohan fish only ah. Heh. So Mummy was the first one to pick me up but I was inconsolable...until Daddy carried me. And within 20 seconds, I stopped crying liao. Heh, amazing hor?

So why is Daddy my best-est friend? Hahaha...I also dunno leh. Maybe it's because he always let me watch my current fave videos - Crazy Frog & Dragostea Din Tei music videos. HAHAHA... I'm always able to sit through the videos, keeping very still and eyes firmly glued to the screen. Yah, crappy I know but the music and visuals still attracts me leh. :P

How about Mummy? I also love her! In fact every morning, especially on weekend mornings, when I wake up before Mummy, I'll always use my hand to caress her face and sometimes I sneak in a hug too! And I know this always makes her day. :) So whether it's Daddy or Mummy, I love them both all the same, just like small mouse love big rice. :P

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