Jan 31, 2006

My 2nd CNY: Day 2

Day 2 and it's bai nian time again! And that means more photos too! :)

I'm dressed like a big kum today, very orangy...hahaha. But kong-kong said he liked my dressing today...so it made Daddy very happy 'cos he's the one who bought the clothes for me. :P But I told Daddy also must see who wear mah, correct or not? Not everyone can carry this kind of look off you know. Hee...

Yep...photos, photos, & more photos!

The last photo above shows me transferring sweets from one container to another. That has become my newest hobby for this CNY while I'm visiting other people's homes. Whther it's a ba bao he (or 8 treasures box) or a container with sweets, I like to transfer the items from one place to another. To Daddy's & Mummy's exasperation. HAHAHA... And do check out the solemn look on my face while I'm at it. Yessir, I'm serious when it comes to work. :P

Today, we paid visits to Mummy's granduncles & grandaunties; too many for me to recall how I should address them liao. Maybe next time when I know how to say it verbally, then I'll ask Mummy again.

Last stop of the day was at ye-ye's & ma-ma's place in the evening. We were expecting all of Daddy's maternal relatives to drop by to makan & toss some yu-sheng.

That's my granduncle (or kao-gong) in the fiery red shirt below. Wah, his shirt got 2 dragons somemore ah... VERY fierce. And beng. I LIKE! HAHAHA...Daddy tells me he cooks very yummy shark's fin & abalone soup too.

And so the adults began tossing their yu-sheng. And this is precisely something that completely baffles me. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THE ADULTS ALLOWED TO THROW THEIR FOOD UP IN THE AIR LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS, WHILE I'M NOT ALLOWED TO DO THE SAME WITH MY FOOD????? This is so unfair right??? I donch care liao, next time I shall toss my porridge up into the air too. It's good luck too what, hor? HMPH!

Coincidentally, Daddy, Mummy & me are all dressed as walking kum quats today. Heh heh...but we look nice lah. :P

In the end, ma-ma was nice enough to let me try tossing the yu-sheng too; though I only got one chopstick to play...I mean, toss the chinese salad. But it was still fun lah...hahaha...

It was a tiring end to another tiring day. And today lagi best, I fell asleep on the way back in the car...and the next thing I know, it was morning liao. Daddy & Mummy must be laughing in their sleep again.

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