Feb 4, 2006

makan makan makan

Today was a whole day of makan, makan & more makan! Not that I'm complaining of course, 'cos I got to eat lots of other food other than my usual boring porridge! Hee...

I very obedient hor??? :P

For lunch, we had a buffet with Daddy's relatives at S'pore Swimming Club. Actually hor, we wanted to go for a swim before that first, but somehow by the time we got to prepare to go out, not enough time liao. Heh... aiyah, nowadays it's like that wan. Daddy said unlike the days when I wasn't around yet, now we take a longer time to prepare to go out. 'Cos must bathe me, change me, prepare my food, prepare my milk powder, prepare other stuff, etc etc etc. And sometimes just when we are all ready, guess what? I POO-POO! HAHAHA...so bopian, must change my diapers again. :P That's why it's hard to be on time with me around. Heh heh...

So it was no surprise we were slightly late for the buffet. And I was hungry by then! Daddy & Mummy had brought along my homecooked porridge but heng I beo-ed the chicken & century egg porridge liao and ma-ma decided to let me try it first. And it was YUMMY! So in the end, I walloped one huge bowl of the buffet porridge (FREE! :P) and the homecooked porridge was relegated to dinnertime. Hee hee.

Me enjoying the nice breeze by the pool after a full lunch. Shiok!

Then it was home, for my mandatory 2 hour afternoon nap.

And when I awoke, it was time to go out for makan again! We had a dinner appointment at this nice cafe at Punngol Park. The food was above average but the ambience was simply fabulous! The cafe is beside this huge huge pond in the park, and the breeze combined with the soft sound of water in the background makes dinner truly very pleasant. :)

I look quite sporty in the pix huh? with my shorts, sports shoes & all. Hee...

After dinner, Daddy & Mummy took me for a short walk in the park to work off the calories. Hahaha... But I know it was just another excuse for Daddy to take some more photos of me. :P

I like this place very much, and me think Daddy & Mummy feels the same way too. So that can only mean that we'll be going back more often! Yippee!

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