Mar 8, 2006

Here we go again!

As some of you might already know, I'm going to be a kor-kor very soon! Yep that's right, me gonna have a di-di come this August.

I don't think he has any name yet though. for now I'll just call him No. 2. Hiak hiak hiak...

Yupp, that's him above; in Mummy's tummy. Mummy has been telling me that my di-di is inside her tummy and everyday, I'll shower di-di with some kisses by smooching Mummy's tummy. Hee...

From what I know, Mummy is 15 weeks preggie...I can't wait to see di-di! :)

But that can only mean 1 other thing - I have to share my toys. Darn.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on ur #2. i read ashton's blog regularly cos it is linked on sharwyn, athena's blogs. i enjoy reading his blog very much cos ashton's such a adorable, active & charming boy.

i'm currently 19wks preggie, due in early aug and expecting a boy too.

Sharwyn and Shaynnen said...

sharwyn's mummy to ashton's mummy:
Congrates, Congrates!! And wow, so fast at 15weeks, can see bb sex liao. Enjoy your pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) We read Gab's blog too. He's such a good boy! Congrats on your pregnancy too! My didi will come end Aug. Hehe, like my mummy, yours will have 2 boy-boy too!!! Haha, what a riot!!!

Yeah yeah, can see the gender veey clearly. He opens his leg really wide apart... haha!!

Nausicaa said...

Congrads! Yah, that is quick to know. For me, it was only at 20th week.

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